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What to buy for your friends and family for Christmas


Photo Credit: Steve Wilson, Creative Commons 2.0 License

With leaves falling off the trees, winter is right around the corner. And for many students at Granite Bay High School, that means an excuse to shop for new clothes.

At this time of the year, with the holidays approaching, many stores offer good prices on clothing. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, there are still good deals, depending on the store. Some stores attractive to students at GBHS include Forever 21, Pink, H&M, Nordstrom, American Eagle, and Urban Outfitters.

Ever since its opening in 2009, Forever 21 has been very popular among students, particularly females. And this winter, they are offering great deals on winter clothing.

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With a variety of scarves, all under fifteen dollars, Forever 21 is definitely a great place to shop this season with brands ranging from Infinity to Oblong. They also have good deals on sweatpants and various other items that are comfortable and warm for the cold winter weather.

“I normally shop at Forever 21 in the winter because they have a lot of good looking winter clothes like sweaters and long-sleeve shirts,” senior Megan Guay said. “Also it’s not very expensive so you can get a lot for your money.”

Also popular during the winter is Victoria’s Secret Pink, though it is more pricy than Forever 21. The various jackets and sweaters they offer are very fashionable, yet still well-suited for the weather.

“I love shopping at pink because they always have new clothes that you can wear really any season,” sophomore Paige Erickson said. “and I think their Boyfriend Half-zip sweaters are really cute.”

The Boyfriend Half-zip sweaters not only come in different colors, but are also available online with the imprint of a variety of college names and mascots. Pink also attracts many teens because of its feel-good colors, which are rare in clothes during the wintertime.

“Pink is very laid back and warm, but cute at the same time,” sophomore Selena De La Torre said. “I tend to wear very dark and neutral colors in the winter but Pink has bright colored clothes that I also like to wear when I want to be bright.”

For male students, fashionable winter outfits are available at stores like H&M and Dick’s Sporting Goods. H&M is selling jeans for as low as fifteen dollars, as well as hoodies and sweatshirts.

“I like H&M because it’s always pretty cheap,” senior Jamie Mazure said. “They always change their style of clothes so I don’t feel like I’m going to the same store over again.”

Among their clothing styles for this season are knitted sweaters, fur jackets, wool cardigans, and cowl-neck sweaters. For guys, H&M is selling cashmere sweaters, jacquard-knit sweaters, wool-blend sweaters, hooded cardigans, and sweatshirt cardigans.

“H&M is cool in the winter because they sell the type of clothes that I like, but the clothes sometimes aren’t warm depending on what I buy,” De La Torre said. “But as long as it’s cute and I’m not dying from the coldness I’ll wear it.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods is also a worthy place to shop at during this time of the year since Nike continues to be a favored clothing brand among males.

The famous sports store provides customers with good prices for quality clothing. With brands such as Nike, Adidas, Billabong, and Champion, it sells an assortment of winter hoodies, fleece jackets, and even gear for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.

For footwear, Nordstrom has many options among the boots they sell. Women can purchase winter shoes that are both trendy and cozy.

Nordstrom provides boots such as Uggs, which can be pricy, but also other shoes of both leather and waterproof material. For men, there are also a wide selection of boots as well as sneakers available for purchase.

Also sold at Nordstrom are BP yoga pants, which are accepted by many female students for their comfort over jeans. They are under twenty dollars, and last a lot longer than yoga pants sold at other stores.

Wherever students may shop this holiday season, fashionable attire can be found almost anywhere. There are still many good sales at this time of the year, and winter can be fun with a new wardrobe.

“I’m really excited for the winter,” Guay said. “Even though it’s cold, I love wearing new clothes that keep me warm.”

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What to buy for your friends and family for Christmas