Varsity lacrosse team poised for success

Team packed with brothers and friends dominate lacrosse


Special to the Gazette/ Jane Fowler

Matt Solone clears a ball from the end line.

Max Schwartz, co-editor-in-chief

  The Granite Bay lacrosse team has a legacy of positive records, successful athletes and a winning tradition. Although already impressive, the 2019 GBHS lacrosse team is looking to set the standard even higher for this season.

  The team is more than halfway through the season with a staggering record of 10-2.

   Although these are just numbers, their record is full of hard-fought games, and overall domination over top ranked teams in the state. All of which had a history of beating Granite Bay lacrosse teams.

  These wins attribute from the unique strength that is rare to many teams.

  “The chemistry this group of guys has on the field is hard to find. We’ve all been playing together since we were in 6th grade and it’s a major contributor to why we’ve turned out to be so good,” Brad Davito, a senior varsity captain, said.

   This rare chemistry expands to each level of the game.

  “Knowing the way your teammates play helps so much to form a successful team because we know exactly how to play off of each others strengths and who we need to have on the field in certain circumstances,” Davito said.

  Even the two losses on their record are still impressive, one of them being against Sacred Heart Preparatory Academy, a team ranked second in the nation. The team only lost 8-5. It was a turning point in their season with what players and coaches were able to take away from the game.

  “When we play individually we can’t score or prevent people from scoring, but when we play together as a unit we can do incredible things,” Matt Solone, a captain for the varsity team said.

  As captains, Davito and Solone utilized their togetherness in order to get back together as a team and succeed.

  “We reached some points early on where we got cocky and practices became lackadaisical, so the other captains and I talked to the team about making sure we treat every game like it’s the championship and practice how we expect to play,”

  After this, the team yielded great results.

  The Grizzlies and the Marauders’ long standing rivalry draws many eyes to their game to see who will come out on top.

  The Grizzlies played impressively, beating the Marauders 13-3.

  “(Jesuit) came out onto the field acting cocky and acting like they were going to beat us. we rolled through them on their own field,” Solone said.

  The GBHS lacrosse tradition still stays with past players, and this season is drawing eyes to them.

  “You always hope that the Grizzlies can continue to be successful even after you have left,” Nolan Stabbert, a past Grizzly lacrosse player said.

  “It’s nice to know that the team is still hungry, it shows their growth as athletes,” Stabbert said.
  Along with great chemistry, this team also dominates due to their roster.

  “Our entire depth chart can execute and put plays together. We don’t really have any bench players. Each person plays a role in winning every game and most other teams rely on a few strong players,” Davito said.

  This also means utilizing strong underclassmen, and pulling them up in order to succeed.

  “I’ve become a much better player since joining the varsity team, the team has a high standard to perform and we are raised up to do so,” Jacob Finswait, a sophomore varsity player said.

  This Grizzly lacrosse team is projected to be the most successful one Granite Bay has seen. Their chemistry-driven program has defied expectations against top ranked schools. Their bond as teammates and friends has helped immensely in their success.

  “You never win if you play for yourself,” Solone said. “You win when you play with the team.”