Varsity football continues its playoff run

GBHS dominates Burbank in first round of Div. 2 action

  It truly was the perfect night for football. With clear skies and a crisp fall air, the Granite Bay Grizzlies started their road to state strong.

  Beating the Burbank High School Titans 41-20, the Grizzlies are looking strong and focused as they continue on in the playoffs. While currently ranked first in the Division II playoffs, the Grizzlies have a good chance of going all the way.

   “For this game we really focused on coming out with a lot more energy,” said senior Jack Powers, “last week we came out a little flat against Rocklin so I think our emphasis was on energy.”

 The first half was dominated by the Grizzly offense with passes made to Matt Barron and Blake Peterson to put some points on the board and establish the lead early for the Grizzlies. Jarad Harper found himself in the endzone to score another touchdown for the Grizzlies.

  “We came out strong which is what we wanted to do,” said head coach Jeff Evans, “we did great.”

  “We tried our best,” said Titan player Maake Uluiviti, “I think we gave everything we had. We watched everything they did, we prepared physically and mentally.”

The Grizzly defense was strong and shut down the Titan offense the entire first half with a shutout score of 32-0 as halftime came. With tight coverage in the backfield and a sealed tight D Line, the Titans had no luck getting past the Grizzly defense.

  “We need to get more mentally tough especially [and] play to the whistle and stay on our blocks.” said Uluiviti.

  The second half proved to be more of a battle as the Titans came out strong putting 20 points on the board.

  Evans gives credit to the Titans for coming out as strong as they did in the second half but is still happy with how the Grizzlies performed.

  “We were able to get everyone in including the JV kids we pulled up,” said Evans, “we’re happy that everyone got [to play], as coaches that’s the sign of a great game—when everyone gets to play and be happy.”

  As far as preparing for next week’s game, the Grizzlies are prepared and anxious.

  “We’re playing Antelope [which] is a great team,” said Powers, “so we’re going to get back in the film room and the weight room and focus on what they’re going to do.”

  “Our plan is to win,” said Evans, “Antelope is coming in and we know those guys really well and if they’re looking for a piece of us they’re going to get it.”