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Trends: Winter Ball Dresses


It’s finally that time of the year again. The time when dresses are picked, makeup is done and money is spent, a lot of it.

Every year, Winter Ball is one of the most anticipated events at Granite Bay High School that students look forward to. Whether someone goes stag or with a group of friends, students remember it as one of the highlights of their high school experiences.

Junior Erica Lucia, the new commissioner for this year’s Winter Ball, is extremely excited to be in charge of the preparation for the event and cannot wait to get started with brainstorming some theme ideas.

“I am most looking forward to the opportunity to work with the assistant commissioners on creating an event that everyone in the school has the opportunity to enjoy and attend whether you have a date or you go with a group of friends it can still be fun either way,” Lucia said.

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Winter Ball this year will be held on December 13, and Lucia hopes to bring something special to the event that will make it stand out from past ones.

“We will begin very shortly looking over the previous years’ list of everything they have done and their planning guides and seeing what we need to do this year,” Lucia said. “ We actually got a list of theme ideas from student senate so we will be looking over those and brainstorming our own, and hopefully that will make a great event.”

Preparation for Winter Ball starts early and most girls search for hours to find that perfect dress. As the event continues to approach, the stress increases for girls who try to find the best style that fits them.

Junior Narges Kazerounian is looking for a dress style that will shape her figure. This would include tighter and shorter dresses, as well as dresses with open backs or low cut tops. For many girls at GBHS, this style is extremely popular.

“I’m trying to find a tight and body fitting dress because I don’t like the way loose dresses fit,” Kazerounian said. “I dress like I don’t care because I don’t care what people think.”

In addition, she looks forward to finding out who her date will be, taking pictures and just having fun with her friends. She also plans on getting her hair and nails done for the big day as well.

Senior Emily Torris, on the other hand, plans on wearing a ‘princess’ style dress that isn’t body fitting and instead is full and flowing out. She likes to wear things with bows, flowers and sparkles so, in her opinion, this dress style will reflect her personality perfectly. This type style would include light colored dresses that poof out with lots of jewels or sparkles.

“I want a more girly dress with a lot of tulle and sparkles just like a princess because I dress up a lot already so this Winter Ball I really want to dress up so it feels different from what I usually wear,” Torris said. “It’s also fun to be like a princess for a night and get your hair and makeup done and as well as have a big dress with lots of sparkles.”

Senior Nathalia Sainz is extremely excited for this year’s Winter Ball because she has never been to one before. Because of this Sainz wants a dress style that will fit her personality as well.

“I definitely want a more edgy dress, preferably black, dark blue, or purple with cut outs on the sides,” Sainz said. “I am more into dark colored clothing I guess, and I think it just suits me better than pinks and yellows.”
Unlike Torris, Sainz hopes to find a darker colored dress that isn’t classified as girly.

“I have more of like a grunge style opposite from girls that like frilly full skirts or bright colors,” Sainz said. “I just never looked good in them, so I have always leaned more toward the darker colors and more simple styles.”

Even though the stress of finding the perfect dress is slowly building for many GBHS girls, most everyone is excited to experience the whole process of preparing for the big event.

“Winter Ball is just a magical time,” Lucia said. “You get see everyone dressed up and its just going to be really fun.”

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Trends: Winter Ball Dresses