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Seniors reminisce as they say goodbye


As the school year comes to a close for Granite Bay High students, high school, and all the memories leading up to it, comes to a close for the senior class of 2017.

As does every graduating class, the class of 2017 has made an impact on GBHS and the community that surrounds it. The struggles, the hardships, the good times and the sad times are all a combination of experiences the class of 2017 has gone through together.

As they prepare to graduate, the seniors – as well as teachers and administrators – are reminiscing about the memories the class of 2017 has helped to create.

Katie Angelone, one of the senior class advisers who teaches AP European History, said she admires the connectedness of the class of 2017.

“One word to describe this class is family,” Angelone said. “This class has grown to know each other very well, and in many ways they are like family.”

This year’s seniors are, in fact, very much like a family. From winning the most spirit points at rallies to dressing up for all the themes at football games, everything the seniors did was to help support each other.

“You can’t choose your family, much like you can’t choose your classmates,” Angelone said. “But you can create great memories and bonds that last a lifetime.”

Although the seniors did go through hardships and not everything was easy, they managed to push through because of their ambitious ways.

“(The class of 2017) always set their goals high and usually met those goals or even surpassed them,” Angelone said.

In fact, some of the major accomplishments by the senior class this past school year included coming in second place for Homecoming floats, an achievement they accomplished sophomore year as well.

But this year’s memories aren’t going to be the only things the class of 2017 take with them to college.

“I really thought Junior Prom in the pouring rain was a memorable event,” Angelone said. “Even though it was a soggy night, the kids still had so much fun!”

Senior and GBHS student government member Jack Lugo agreed with Angelone that the senior class grew to become one big family because of their spirit.

“As preceding classes have been perceived to have left somewhat of a distasteful mark on GBHS during their years,” Lugo said, “I think the class of 2017 turned that around and helped other people see the kind of role model a senior class should play.”

Lugo said this school year was filled with many exciting events, events that led to class connectedness.

“(Senior ball) will be really memorable for our class,” Lugo said. “The event was put together very well, and the entire night was full of different events and adventures for everyone.”

The memorable and exciting times had to be balanced with some occasions that weren’t the proudest moments for this year’s seniors.

“I think our biggest struggle as a senior class was definitely everything involved with the CAASPP testing from spring of our junior year,” Lugo added.

The CAASPP, or the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, was something the majority of the class didn’t take as seriously as an Advanced Placement test, or even a final.

The class of 2017 is the class that truly took a rollercoaster ride throughout high school. But the positives tended to outweigh the negatives, as the seniors still enjoyed their time.

“High school goes by so fast,” said GBHS senior and Associated Student Body president Katie Carson said, offering some advice to underclassmen, “so make sure to not miss out on any part of it.”

Carson also said that in order make the best memories, students need to get involved with events right from the beginning.

“Go to games, dances, rallies and have fun,” Carson said. “Make the most of your four years at Granite Bay.”