The ultimate guide to the perfect Mother’s Day during quarantine

Despite having to stay at home during this year’s Mother’s Day, there are still many ways in which you can treat your mother on this special day


Mareesa Islam/ staff

While many classic Mother’s Day traditions, such as dining out for brunch, are canceled due to the shelter in place mandate, there are numerous ways to express love in unique ways.

Ria Dhamejani, staff writer

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with California citizens being stuck at home, this year may be looking a little bit different than others.

Although individuals won’t be allowed to spend their day out with family, there is still plenty of room to do fun things at home!

Breakfast In Bed

Maybe you and your family normally go out for breakfast or brunch, but this year you can bring the breakfast straight to your mom’s bedroom. Try a new recipe, such as crepes, and make it as fancy as possible! The more effort you put in, the longer way it goes.

Movie Night

The theaters may be closed, but Netflix isn’t! Make your living room as realistic as possible by turning it into a movie theater as best you can. Get some popcorn, candy, soda, and anything else you can think of and you can even make your own concessions stand.


Nothing shows more love than baking something from scratch, and even better, having your mom help. Baking a cake or some sort of bread is a great way to spend time with your mom while having a lot of fun and not having to worry about how good your baking skills are.

Spa Day at Home

Get started on pampering your mom by setting up a makeshift spa on her special day. A facial and mani-pedi could be just the things she needs and is missing out on in her life right now.

Clean Up

This may be one of the easiest things any child can do. Let your mom relax and rest while you catch up on the organization or cleaning she would normally do on the weekend.