The Halloweens we remember

Students reflect on former Halloween traditions and memories.

Dylan Rowe, green screen/entertainment editor

Halloween, one of the more festive holidays, is coming up on everyone’s calendar, and for most people in Granite Bay this is an exciting event, because of the welcoming of the Fall season and because of the activities associated with the beloved holiday.

  Like most holidays, there are some people that celebrate more than others and also have different traditions they partake in every year in order to celebrate.

  “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,”sophomore Kamal Shehadeh said,“I used to love to dress up, but now it’s just fun to hang out with my friends, and eat candy.”

  Halloween, gives people the freedom to let go a bit, and allows them to dress up and act like their younger selves.

  “I really enjoy Halloween mostly because I get to see everyone’s costumes,” senior Zack Moes said,“it’s especially funny to see older people dress up because their costumes usually have a funny connotation.”

  Most students don’t dress up to celebrate anymore, instead they go to parties and do their celebrating there.

  “For me Halloween has evolved from dressing up and trick-or-treating, into dressing in a casual costume (and) going out to party either on halloween night, or around the time,” junior Kendyl Kring said.

  However, for some people Halloween has turned into a commercial holiday, and isn’t a religiously affiliated celebration.

  “Halloween was more of a childhood holiday for me,” senior Jaxon Larson said, “When I started high school I stopped celebrating, and now I just give out candy to the kids in my neighborhood.”

  As the years pass by, the culture of Halloween changes.

  For smaller children it’s a magical and spooky season that encourages playfulness and creativity, but as people get older it becomes harder to celebrate without becoming creepy for being around small children.

  “Not many people dress up for school anymore,” sophomore Kamal Shehadeh said, “which is sad because I always used to look forward to seeing everyone dress up together when I was younger.”

  Some people at Granite Bay celebrate a different kind of Halloween on a seperate day.

  “Instead of Halloween I celebrate Gurgeyan,” junior Ali Hashim said, “It’s almost the same as halloween, in the aspect that it’s the day of evil spirits except we aren’t allowed to give out candy until midnight.”

  To keep up with their age group, some people adapt and find other things to do, like spend time with friends, family, or just stay home alone to watch a scary movie or two.

  “During the whole month of October, I like to help my mom decorate the house with decorations,” junior Shereen Golkar said, “it’s a new tradition that we started when I was younger and (something) we keep doing every year.”

During the whole month of October, I like to help my mom decorate the house with decorations

— Shereen Golkar

   Celebrating holidays like Halloween is important especially for highschool students because it helps them get their mind off of the stresses of school.

  Regardless of how people celebrate one thing is for sure, and that’s that Halloween is the spookiest holiday out there.