The Great Escape (Club!)


Are you drawn to mystery? Does the feeling of intrigue and wonder let your mind wander and discover new facts? Facing fears and solving mysteries? Then the Escape Room Club is definitely for you. Although, how much do you really know? Club Rush, while highly anticipated, only lasts two lunches. The Escape Room Club is a great mystery in more ways than one. 

The Co-Presidents Danwei Zhang and Simran Singh share their love for escape rooms and banded together junior year to create a space for other young slueth’s looking to stimulate their cravings for mystery. This club is based on making escape rooms at Granite Bay that students and families can participate in. 

“I wanted to spread the joy and passion we have for escape rooms,” Zhang said. 

Zhang describes escape rooms as team building activities that can lead to group bonding.  The girls both agree that the puzzles are the main contributor of why they pursued this area of interest to begin with. 

“Everyday after school I’m always excited to work on the club and put together the escape room. I know it’s something unique that Granite Bay hasn’t seen before.” Singh said. 

The club includes six people, all upperclassmen. This has raised some concerns with the members. Zhang and Singh share their worries of the survival of the club after they graduate. With only one junior to carry on the legacy, they want this club to continue for future generations.

“It’s heavy work when it’s just four or five of us, and when everyone’s a senior except for me, I know they’re crazy busy with so many other things.” Aanya Wilton said. 

Wilton, the star junior, is also passionate about the numbers in the club that would need to increase for a more successful legacy. 

If anything, the stress will come when they all graduate and the club is in my hands.” Wilton said. 

While the stress is on the back burner, that doesn’t stop Wilton from having fun with new friends creating challenges for other students at Granite Bay high school. 

There’s so many compartments that make the machine of an escape room work, and getting to examine and work on each one of those parts is wonderful.” Wilton said.  

The club is ready to move forward with their self-made escape rooms, and now with access to portable 857, they have started getting further and further. Their premiere of the escape rooms start October 31st after school at 3:40 to 4:20 PM. They have sign ups here.