Summer to Remember


May Lin / Gazette/GBT

Junior Angelina Kolosey experiences the last days of summer vacation

Angelina Kolosey

Students get the opportunity to relax, spend more time on extracurricular activities, vacation and make everlasting memories.

  Each individual student experiences summer vacation in a unique way and participates in different activities.

  It is very common for students to go on vacation and spend time with friends and family during the summer.

  Granite Bay High School junior Ellen Taylor visited family in Norway for one month in June.

  “It was really nice to get to see my family in Norway because I only get to see them once a year, so that was really fun.” Taylor said. “It was really nice and relaxing.”

  Summer gives many the opportunity to catch up on many aspects of life ignored during the school year, such as spending time with loved ones and exploring different activities.

   “My summer was a lot of fun and really adventurous because I went to a lot of cool places,” junior Kaiya Lang said. “I saw a lot of new things.”

  Students made memories that will last a lifetime, many in other unique locations.

  “My family and I took a road trip through Oregon, and then I went with my friend and her family to New Hampshire and Boston,” Lang said.

  Summer is also gives the opportunity for students to combine what they’re passionate about with their travels.

  Junior Stephanie Siau had the opportunity to travel across Europe while playing volleyball in Italy over the summer.

  “A highlight of my summer was playing volleyball in Italy,” Siau said. “I made so many amazing friends from around the country, and around the US and Italy as well.”

  Some students’ summers were full of meaningful experiences, as well as laborious yet rewarding work for students who chose to give back to others.

  “Building a house in Mexico for a family in need and climbing mountains in Norway were both my summer highlights,” Taylor said.

  Although it is understandable that most students enjoy an academic break, many individuals have specific factors of summer that love the most.

  “I liked having freedom and time to do a bunch of stuff because we weren’t in school,” Lang said. “We had time to do new things.”


Though not settled in a classroom environment over summer, students still grow as individuals and learn new things over break.”

  “From summer, I learned that you don’t really need three months off of school to have a fun time,” Lang said. “You could have just as much fun during the school year (or) on the weekend, and if you just manage your time well, you could still go on a bunch of fun adventures.”

  Although summer serves as a time to enjoy free time for one’s self, memories made with other individuals tend to be more memorable, often lasting for life.

  “Something I’ll remember is getting to spend so much time with my sister because she’s in medical school,” Taylor said. “It was super nice getting to spend it with her in Norway with no distractions, whereas when she’s home and I’m home with her we both have other stuff to do.”

  Experiences from break may provide an overall change of thought to normal everyday life.

  “Summer taught me to be  open minded to everything, culture wise,” Siau said.

  Now, the school year is back in full swing, but the opportunity to apply individual growth and learning obtained over summer fuels the memories that can be made throughout high school.


After ten months full of academic pressures the last bell finally rings, and it is time for summer break.