Student Expression

Fashion serves as a way for students to express themselves on campus



Kenzie Keith poses in an outfit with a green and black color scheme.

  High school is usually a time for young adults to discover who they are, whether it be determining their style, or their future occupation.

  At Granite Bay High School, the way people dress varies, and students can usually dress freely to their liking.

  “Being able to express myself on campus is really important to me,” sophomore Sam Crawford said. “Dressing the way I like and trying out new outfits gives me an outlet to be more creative.”

 Often times certain schools themselves can limit how much students pronounce themselves, because of dress codes and mandatory uniform rules.

 “I’m glad that GBHS doesn’t have to wear uniforms,” junior Kenzie Keith said. “I think they conform free thinking and force everyone to be the same as everyone else.”

  Students at Granite Bay rely on the overall acceptance on campus in order to feel comfortable being who they want to be around other students.

  Expressing yourself through clothing doesn’t have to be all about being on  trend either – it could just be about having the freedom to be able to wear whatever you want and still be comfortable around your peers.

  “At school I like to dress more comfortably,” junior Tasia Thorsteinson said. “But I still enjoy creating my own style and seeing what different clothes look good together.”

“To me, student expression on campus is crucial to have a diverse student body,” Crawford said.

With black cuffed jeans and a pastel jacket, Peyton Sparks dresses with a freedom of expression.

  “It’s crucial that people know that they should dress based upon how they want to look,” junior Peyton Sparks said. “Everyone should have access to the silent voice that fashion and style enables.”

  Seeing the way a person dresses can easily give a look into someone’s personality, and allows outsiders to read people through what they wear.

  “The way I dress really reflects the fact the things that I like and enjoy doing,” freshman Nick Kappos said. “Lately I’ve been really into the 60s and 70s style so I like to try and match my outfits to that theme.”

  Clothing and style can empower others in a way that nothing else can, and gives anyone the power to be whatever they want to be.

  “I dress the way I do know because of the way I wasn’t allowed to dress when I was younger,” Sparks said. “Now that I’m older I get to decide if I should wear chains or cross necklaces, and I like having that kind of freedom.”

  Not only does personal style give people individuality it also allows a person to give off an unspoken vibe.

  “What a person wears says a lot about them,” Keith said. “The freedom to express your own personal style allows you to truly convey who you are to others.”