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Aiden Sherman

Aiden Sherman, Editor

Aiden is a senior and editor of the Voices section. This is his second year on the Gazette staff.


In 2019, GBHS senior Aiden Sherman re-watches fictional political drama The West Wing, only vaguely aware of the effect it was making on his future.

Now, he has realized his interest in politics and aspirations to someday hold political office.

“Over the course of Trump's presidency, I gradually became more politically aware and active,” Sherman said. “It wasn’t an all at once thing, and my positions have evolved since I started getting into politics. That made me realize … that I was more interested in that as a career than anything else I’d thought of previously.”

In the future, Sherman hopes to run as a progressive Democrat, which reflects his political positions. 

“Would it be cliche to say (I’d want to be) the President?” Sherman said. “In seriousness, probably being in Congress as a Senator or Representative. There’s a lot of power in those positions.”

To prepare for his career in politics, he is currently focused on studying and thinking of remedies to the severe political polarization he believes is comparable only to the 1850s, the fraught build-up to the American Civil War.

“Trying to find a way to fix political polarization is the most important and intriguing issue to me, especially because unlike with most political issues … I can’t really see a clear solution there,” Sherman said. “With political polarization, that’s a problem literally with the way politics itself is. Fixing people, how do you do that?”

His unique plan to study political polarization will push him outside his comfort zone to international college.

“I’ve always thought it interesting imagining the United States from an outside perspective,” Sherman said. “It’s difficult to make sense of political issues in the United States while you’re in the United States, living in it, and everyone around you has clear positions on it. It's (more) difficult to be impartial from that (than) if I were in another country, surrounded by people to whom it no more seriously had an emotional toll to them than a political issue for you or I in, say, Uganda. We wouldn’t care as much as someone from Uganda.”

Back in 2019, as the credits roll on The West Wing, Aiden Sherman’s path begins to stretch ahead of him.

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