Sports Commentary: NFL Honors Predictions

Journalist JJ Huish gives his predictions for the 2021 NFL Honors



As the football season inches towards a close, the NFL Honors ceremony is on everyone’s minds.

The National Football League Honors is a ceremony that recognizes players in the NFL for achievements on and off the field. Amongst the professional sports community, every year there are always debates about which players will win which awards. Here are my picks for the 2021 NFL Honors. 

Which of this year’s NFL players have the potential to join Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders, and Ed Reed as a recipient of the Defensive Player of the Year Award?

The answer to that question is TJ Watt. Watt leads the NFL in sacks, tackles for loss, quarter back hits, quarter back pressures and pass rush wins. Watt has also accomplished all of this on the elite Pittsburgh Steelers defense and has contributed immensely to their 11-1 record. Watt’s brother JJ Watt, a three time recipient of the DPOY award, says that his brother statistically is the Defensive Player of the Year “plain and simple”.

Many great players like Devante Adams, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, and Patrick Mahomes are on the table to win Offensive Player of the Year. This year, however, Alvin Kamara the running back for the New Orleans Saints deserves it the most.

For a majority of the season, Kamara has been the best offensive weapon in football. Kamara has over 600 yards rushing, and 600 yards receiving and has amassed 13 touchdowns. Though Kamara’s production has slowed down since Drew Brees was injured and the Saints had to change their offense, Alvin Kamara is still a valid prediction to win Offensive Player of the Year. 

The Comeback Player of the Year Award is often given to a player who has overcome an injury, or adversity and is still able to come back and play in the NFL at an elite level. The obvious choice this year is The Washington Football Team’s quarterback Alex Smith.

Not only is it a miracle that Smith was able to play, but he also led his team to the biggest upset win of the season against the, at the time, 11-0 Pittsburgh Steelers.

— JJ Huish

Before this season, Smith was recovering from a gruesome compound fracture in his left leg, which turned potentially life threatening after it became infected with flesh eating bacteria. After a slow recovery of 23 months, Smith was able to come back and play on the field. Not only is it a miracle that Smith was able to play, but he also led his team to the biggest upset win of the season against the, at the time, 11-0 Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award is the most respected award in the NFL Honors. That is because it doesn’t only recognize a player’s ability on the field but also acknowledges the good players have done off the field. Each team nominates one player on their team who they believe deserves this honor.

This year my pick for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award is Cleveland Browns defensive Myles “Helmet Smasher” Garret. After being suspended for his altercation with backup quarterback Mason Rudolph, Garret proved that he is not the big mean man he looked to be during that fight.

Garret has worked with a foundation called the NFL Waterboys, which helps dig wells, and provides sustainable water sources for villages in Africa. Garret went to Tanzania Africa and did some work with the foundation there, and has also contributed to his home community as well. Though there are many valid picks for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, and all of them deserve it, Myles Garret is my choice.

The Most Valuable Player Award is the highest achievement a player can receive for their personal production on the field. Many great players like Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Aaron Donald have all been considered as front runners to win MVP.

Though they are all good candidates for the award, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson deserves it. He is the heart of the Seattle Seahawks, without him they would not be nearly as good. He has thrown 100 touchdown passes in three years; no other quarterback come close. He has thrown 36 more touch downs this season and is on track to throw many more.

One of the few valid arguments is that Mahomes could win it over Wilson. Regardless, Mahomes is an excellent quarterback in a much better coaching situation and the players around him are much better than what Russell Wilson has.

The Russ for MVP train is still chugging along, so hopefully he can finish out the rest of the season strong.