Singer Spotlight: Chloe Jorden

Granite Bay High School sophomore shares her passion for singing and reveals details on upcoming music

What got you interested in singing?

“Ms. Lewis, We had this assignment back in freshman year, and I realized that I can kinda sing. Then I picked up a guitar and started learning some chords and then I finally started to write songs.”


What are some of your favorite songs that you wrote?

“My favorite songs are probably “Georgia Nights” and “Hanging from a String” because they’re

both so relatable to me.  I like to write songs based on my life and my experiences. I write songs because they’re special.”


What is someone or something that inspires you to sing?

“I would say my mother. She has really supported me and inspired me to continue my passion for singing. She also really enjoys my singing very much.” 


Who supports you the most in your singing career?

“My friends Barbara, Ginger and Maddie have supported me the most in my singing career. They are the ones that actually motivated me into singing more and more and to put my voice out there in the world.”


How often do you sing?

“I sing every day after school. It is kind of a routine I guess. I just sing whenever I have time.”


When do you plan on releasing your album/are you planning on releasing another album?

“So what I was actually planning on doing instead of releasing an album is to maybe put a single out first to see if that gets anywhere. If it does then I’ll do a whole album. Even though I have enough songs to release an album I would like to make sure people enjoy listening to my songs.”


Has the response from your music been positive, negative or something else?

“It has been mostly positive. A lot of people enjoy my music and I get a lot of compliments on how good my voice is.”


How do you juggle school work with your music career?

 “I just find the right times in the day when I don’t have homework, and just play my guitar and sing.”