Shelter in place affects students and family dynamics

With the majority of families staying and working from home, new challenges are being faced

Many+families+have+been+forced+to+stay+at+home+due+to+the+closures+of+schools+and+numerous+businesses%2C+causing+tension+and+stress+in+the+average+household.+ file illustration/ ANGELINA KOLOSEY

Many families have been forced to stay at home due to the closures of schools and numerous businesses, causing tension and stress in the average household.

At this point in time, it is understandable that a majority of families are aggravated about the struggles caused by the recent coronavirus outbreak circling the world. 

School closure, for example, is a big change for many families and keeps students and parents from their usual routines.

“My mom and dad constantly check in with me to see what is happening in all my classes and get frustrated when I don’t know exactly what I (should do). But other than that, they are pretty chill about it,” sophomore Natalia Smith said. 

Additionally, the shelter in place mandate has caused the schedules of many students to become disrupted.

“(The mandate) has affected me because everyday I would go to the gym to workout or play basketball. Since all the gyms are (now) closed, it’s been hard to stay in shape,” junior Cole Harrison said. 

Being stuck at home with the entire family can also be difficult, especially for such long durations of time. 

“My dad can’t go to his office and work; he has to stay at home. We hate being in quarantine, and everyone is beginning to get sick of each other,” Harrison said.

My dad can’t go to his office and work; he has to stay at home. We hate being in quarantine, and everyone is beginning to get sick of each other.

— Cole Harrison

Students and parents are seeing the impacts the closure of school and other businesses have on their families.

“It has been a big change to learn online and it’s tough not being able to socialize with other people,” junior Caspar Carus said.

It is no question that every family is adapting differently to the current circumstances facing the world. In some cases, parents end up projecting their anger onto their children.

“It’s very hard (because) everyone is home 24/7 and we don’t get a break from each other. It’s a very closed space so everyone gets angry and sometimes yells at each other,” sophomore Grace Hansen said. 

With all the stress of being with the entire family for days on end, social distancing can raise tension in the home.

However, many still acknowledge the true importance of sheltering in place and practicing social distancing.

“I think it’s safest,” said one anonymous parent, “…that everyone does their role in social distancing.”