Powder Puff 2019

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  • Senior Anna Healy poses before the Powder Puff game.

  • Junior Summer Holt announces the Powder Puff rally at school.

  • Senior cheerleaders Max Schwartz, left, and Caden McKillop celebrate during the Powder Puff rally.

  • Senior Delaney Dannert cheers during the football game.

  • Junior Lily Rafanan is tackled by a senior player.

  • The senior defensive line rushes the junior offense.

  • Senior Stephanie Samson blocks a junior player.

  • Senior running back Cat Lauth runs at the junior defense.

  • Senior cheerleader Max Schwartz is lifted at the Powder Puff game.

  • Seniors Skylar Sommer, right, and Karly Lorenzen play in the Powder Puff game.

  • Maddy Fitch’s flag is pulled as she runs by the junior defense.

  • Senior Sidney Stipanovich defends the junior offense in the Powder Puff game.

  • Senior Lily Norris prepares to pull the junior’s flag.

  • Junior cheerleaders perform during halftime at the Powder Puff game.

  • Juniors prepare for kickoff.

  • Junior Emma Broers scores a touchdown.

  • Senior Maddy Fitch runs with the ball.

  • Senior Cat Lauth runs at the junior defense.

  • Senior Jenna Ladrech is awarded defensive MVP for the senior class.

  • Seniors win the Powder Puff game 23-13.

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