Senior 5th Quarter

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  • Alonzo Cannon and Isael McCall are convinced under the hypnotist’s influence that they are giving birth to and caring for a child.

  • Alonzo Cannon transforms into a dragon and flaps his imaginary wings.

  • Annie Myette-Doan jams out on stage under the hypnotist’s influence.

  • Senior Cobe Hayter falls into a deep sleep on the stage floor, along with other students.

  • Senior Jerimiah Onyango becomes Buffy the Cheerleader and hypes up the crowd while mesmerized by hypnotist Russ Peak.

  • Lindsay Konieczny hits the gas and swerves right in her imaginary car.

  • Reagan Dolan becomes skeptical of the audience.

  • Two seniors fall asleep beside each other on stage.

  • Reagan Dolan and others furiously scratch at itching sensations brought on by the hypnotist.

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