Pick-up truck overturns following nearby accident during morning rush


Juan Pablo Flores

A pick-up truck is tipped over and the front of a car damaged at the site of the accident.

Juan Pablo Flores, Writer

View of bystanders aiding the injured.

   An accident on Eureka Road left a pick-up truck overturned and sent a victim to the hospital.

  The victim was treated for apparent whiplash.

  The accident happened very quickly, said senior Landing Hunting, who helped to pull a victim out of the car.

  “The man who caused the accident was trying to get out,” Hunting said, “I jumped out and pulled the glass out of the window pane.”

  “It was surreal to see an accident taking place outside of Granite Bay,” he said.

  Junior Ashley Barham, involved in the accident, has remained unreachable.

  The accident for some highlights the need for caution and timeliness during the morning commute to school.

  “I’ve seen students speeding and making poor decisions,” resource officer Gregory Hopping said.

  “Accidents can cause at minimum a bad day (or worse) cause someone to lose their life.”

A bystander returns to his car resuming the flow of traffic along Eureka Road moments after the accident.