Photo Story: Kindness on campus

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  • The GBHS Rock Garden outside of the AP psychology class provides a hands-on activity for students to both be reminded of joy, but also a fun chance to keep their hands busy.

  • In Ms. Francesconi’s class, a mirror positively reminds and gives affirmations to students that they are loved.

  • Just outside the Student Government classroom at GBHS, students are reminded that they are unique and important.

  • A list of all the members of the class of 2023 here at Granite Bay each in an individual circle represents uniqueness here on campus.

  • More safe space signs adorn the library, even in different languages for students.

  • The library displays a mental health corner with pamphlets and books, helping remind students that, indeed, they are not alone in this journey.

  • Safe space signs plaster the halls in the math building as inclusivity for all gender identities and sexualities are fought for.

  • Students leave inspiring notes for one of the beloved math teachers, Mr. Jaynes.

  • A welcome sign in Mrs. Farias’ math class beckoning to the inclusion of everyone.

  • Inspirational quotes are plastered around Mrs. Farias’ classroom, reminding students of hope that may come.

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