One-lunch Wednesdays leave mixed opinions among students

GBHS students share a variety of opinions on one-lunch Wednesday.


Students talk with friends as they wait in the lunch line.

During the first few days of school, students were sent an email informing them about the one-lunch Wednesdays which would be starting in the following weeks. Lunch would become a thirty minute block starting from 11:09-11:39 a.m. 

During the first one-lunch, Student Government had a lemonade stand in the front of the quad. 

“(The commissioners) thought it would be fun on the first one-lunch to do a lemonade (stand).” Tamara Givens, student government teacher, said.

One lunch makes it easier for Student Government to do these fun activities because there is only one set up and clean-up. 

An email survey was sent out to students which noted that out of the 651 students who took the survey, 63% liked one-lunch but 28% wanted some changes. 51% would like to move it to second lunch and 80% like it on Wednesdays or don’t have a preference. 

Many students wanted more opportunities to spend time with their friends even if it was only for one day out of the week.

“(Administration) took it into consideration and decided to see if food services was at a point where they could make that happen.” assistant principal, Jennifer Buschmann said.  

This decision would help the staff as well. During the pandemic last year, teachers would eat lunch together after teaching on Zoom. 

“They really enjoyed eating together so it was also something that teachers missed.” Buschmann said

Many students were uncertain that this decision would be effective against rising COVID-19 cases.

“(It) seems counterproductive in…trying to limit (COVID-19) exposure as there are so many people especially in the cafeteria,” senior Luke Iwai said.

(It) seems counterproductive in…trying to limit (COVID-19) exposure as there are so many people especially in the cafeteria.

— Luke Iwai

Buschmann assured that they are only allowing a limited number of people in the cafeteria regardless of the amount of lunches.

Sophomore Sabine Kanz has COVID-19 concerns too as people don’t wear masks in the lunch lines, but it is “to be expected.”

Many seniors who have an off period during fourth period were not happy about this situation. For seniors who have second lunch, they can leave campus on a typical day when lunch starts. Seniors with first lunch were not affected by this decision. 

“Personally I would…hate to have to stay,” senior Alana Six said, but, “a lot of people have (had) positive responses.”

Six feels the freshman and sophomore voices’ are being heard more right now where they are sharing their happiness with the one-lunch Wednesday. 

Kanz shared a more optimistic outlook on one-lunch Wednesdays.

“I think it’s a very cool step to be able to see…friends that I don’t see ever,” Kanz said.

It seems that many students are in favor of this decision as it gives them time to spend with their friends who they would have never seen in the regular school day.

“It is a great time to (see) everybody together,” sophomore Lauren Wong said. “I hope that we can (continue) it in the future.”