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Music Streaming


   Music streaming has been increasing in popularity this past year as people are ditching separately buying songs and investing in companies that stream music.

   The top five options of music streaming include Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, 8tracks and Apple Music. Streaming allows you the option to listen and download songs a monthly payment of $10-$5 dollars, ranging on which company and package deal you purchase.

   Which for all your music lovers is a smart long term investment, because you could download 50 songs on your phone for the price of $10 a month, but if you purchased them separately through iTunes it would amount to a total of $65.40.
   Streaming music is a smarter, more accessible and more customizable experience. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

   Spotify is a fan favorite of most students and for all you ballin’ on a budget college bound seniors you’ll receive a $5 discount by using your ID number.

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   Spotify offers two options : Spotify Free and Spotify Premium.

    There are many pros and cons of Spotify free.

   Well the main pro is that it’s free, obviously. Spotify free allows you to listen to all music on your phone or music device, with a few exceptions.

   With normal spotify you are able to create music playlists, however you are only allowed to shuffle music.

   You will also endure ads that will irritate you a bit and make you question the possibility of changing to Premium.

    However on the computer, you are able to listen to whatever song you pick.

   Listening to it on the computer is more convenient than on your phone because you aren’t limited to shuffle.

   Spotify Premium has a plethora of options ranging from free listening to personalized playlists.

   Spotify offers first time users a 3 month trial for 99 cents.

   The benefits of Spotify Premium are more beneficial to each music listener due to Spotify Discover.

    Spotify Discover accumulates a playlist personalized to the songs the user has listened to the past week.

   It’s a new playlist every week, so you’re exposed to new artists that have similar styles to the artists you usually listen to.

  On the computer, Spotify also has an option for you to be a private or public listener.

  That is in correlation to the option of seeing what other people you are following are listening to. On the sidebar is shows what your followers are listening to, and you have the option to keep that information public or private.

   Playlists on Spotify are able to be chosen by mood or activity and you can adjust it to the rigor.

   You are also allowed to download music  to your phone so you can listen to it offline, and not use your date.

   There are countless reasons why Spotify continues to be a fan favorite, but people are still avid users of other music apps like Pandora.

   Pandora is an app that is full of radio stations geared towards the artists and other artists or songs similar to them.

   With Pandora you are only allowed to skip 4 songs, and it’s more a leisure type of listening environment.

   With Pandora you are not allowed to create your own playlists but you are allowed to choose music stations that cater to your stations.

   Pandora has died down in popularity but it still remains relevant, it is increasing in popularity with the older generation.

   8 tracks is a hidden gem of the music streaming world. Its main asset is having playlists for every mood possible.

   Users have the option to put hashtags by mood to categorize them.

   So let’s say you are looking for a rainy day homework playlist, in the search bar search rainy and then search homework – and bam you have a plethora of playlists.

   Finally a new streaming app is trying to climb up the music streaming ladder – Tidal.

   Tidal is fresh off the app store and charges more than Spotify around $12-$15 a month. It’s very apparent that it’s a rookie app and has a similar setup to Spotify. However the clean cut layout of Tidal makes it stand out.

   Overall music streaming is rising in popularity due to its ease of access and price.

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