Music Review: Summer’s Over


TV Girl, Jordana

“Summer’s Over” featuring TV Girl and Jordana, released on Oct. 16 is TV Girl’s first album in four years.

   “Summer’s Over,” TV Girl’s first album in four years, is essentially the more advanced version of lofi-beats on Youtube. 

   This bedroom pop feel isn’t necessarily a bad thing and the album is certainly well suited for afternoon walks and background noise for studying. 

   The slow and melancholy feel of songs such “The Party’s Not Over” and “Sweet to Dream” is exactly the end of summer feel the album promises. 

 And the clear contrast “Summer’s Over” creates between the overdone bedroom style is welcome.

   Starting from the opening rhythm, all 22 minutes of the six song album beat with a hip hop vibe mixed in with the classic sounds of soft pop. 

    These repetitive phrases and beats give the album its unique sophistication.

   The juxtaposition of the “end of summer” tracks with the upbeat melodies of tracks like “Summer’s Over” and “Jump the Turnstile” keeps listeners on their toes—almost as much as the weird album cover that is strangely reminiscent of an Andy Warhol pop art piece.

  It isn’t a TV Girl album without an eccentric cover and  the cover for “Summer’s Over” is even more intricate than usual. The cover features a classic art piece, The Lute Player and the Harpist, with bright colors and sharp, black edges. 

   The spin on a classic piece in their album cover reflects the work of these tracks which feel somewhat unexpected compared to TV Girl’s previous works and its timing. 

   The album comes during their current tour, dubbed “French Exit 6 ½ Year Anniversary Tour” with an acoustic set by Jordana Nye, a collaborator on the new record. 

   Touring an old album seems odd. Still the tour sold out, in part to the old album’s recent surge in popularity on Tiktok. 

   Jordana Nye brings to “Summer’s Over” light vocals that support the piano melodies and upbeat drums heard in almost every song. 

  Holistically, the new album merges the past and present of TV girl but with some more gratifying twists. 

   Though I’m not sure I’ll put this album on repeat, I definitely have an appreciation for its unexpected and amusing experience and I hope to see more music in TV Girl’s future.

   In the meantime, I’ll keep up with their musical escapades on Twitter. 


Overall Rating: 6/10

Best Tracks: Jump the Turnstile, The Party’s Not Over