Music Review: Pure Beauty

Jordan Blair, Staff Writer

  Queens rapper Shirt just released his newest album Pure Beauty on February 9, 2018. Not yet well known, Shirt offers his listeners a relaxed vibe as they become entranced in his music.

  After dropping out as a senior in high school, Shirt began playing gigs, making art, and selling clothes for a living. As he continued to work and become more popular, Shirt was soon accepted into an art school in Switzerland.

  Despite his publicity stunt in 2014 when he created a false New York Times website- writing an article hyping up his music, Shirt has much more to offer his listeners. Pure Beauty is his first full album released since signing with Third Man Records, and has a total of  11 songs waiting to be heard.

  Shirt is sort of a jack of all trades, ad he has been in many areas of music as well as controversy with the New York Times scandal. It later became apparent that the whole NYT situation was in order to convey a deeper message, and Shirt had been attempting to get his feet off the ground ever since.

  The most popular is “Flight Home” is the only song with lyrics currently released, entwining dry humor within a song about returning home.

  Contrary to his music, Shirt is known to be a kind and lovable man within Third Man Records. Shirt is the first rapper to be signed into the label by Jack White, and physical copies of his album Pure Beauty were just released on February 23, 2018.

  The vibe that Shirt’s songs give off are known to be portraying reality, but they are also done in a relaxed tone.

  Shirt isn’t knew to the production of music as he’s produced his own in the past. Shirt has even collaborated with artists such as Insane Clown Posse and Black Milk.

  My go to song in Shirt’s album Pure Beauty is his song “Snowbeach” as it envelops listeners into a calm, serene state.

  I would rate the album a B overall. Most songs have been well-produced and portray their own message, while one or two have more potential.

  I would definitely recommend listening to some of Shirt’s other albums, as they bring about the same feelings as this one.