Movie Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle


  Entering the theater with a love for fast packed action, explosions and an admiration for amazing computer generated effects I was not let down by Kingsmen: The Golden Circle. Being the sequel to Kingsmen: The Secret Service I had high expectations for the movie and hoped that the film would not just meet but exceed the limits set by it’s prequel.

  The Golden Circle was a film dominated by a theme of surviving and thriving through times of tragedy. Being the predecessor to The Secret Circle it made sense that Kingsmen was another doomsday type tragedy.

  In contrast to the last movie, the main characters Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry (Colin Firth) face a new challenge which causes them to leave the United Kingdom in which the first film of the series took place.

  While the movie was only around 2 and a half hours it was so packed with action starting in the first two minutes of the movie, it seemed to last for much longer.

  This is partially due to the amount of set pieces used and switched between frequently in this film. Not just that but the regular full frame slow-motion shots highlighting the Kingsmen’s high tech and fancy gadgets also contributed to create the feeling of a much longer movie.

  Kingsman the Golden Circle is bursting at the brim with bits and jokes that were often extended past their initial point of humor.

  The main villain of the movie, Poppy (Julianne Moore), is a female drug lord running her worldwide market from the isolation of a jungle.

  Not only does she find herself incredibly rich but also insanely lonely during her plan to vindicate herself from all charges worldwide.

In an attempt to resolve her boredom she kidnaps Elton John, played by himself, and forces him to perform piano piece after piano piece. While this integration of Elton John was rather humorous at first the implication of him into the resolution of the movie and giving him a large role in the victory of our heros stretched the humor to far in my opinion.

  Overall Kingsman the Golden Circle was a solid movie that I would recommend seeing.

  For those that enjoy a fast packed action film full of complex explosions and constant gunfire this movie may well be your cup of tea.