Movie Review: Frozen 2



“Frozen II” was released in November of 2019.

“Frozen 2” is set three years after the events of the first film and is about a journey outside of Elsa and Anna’s home of Arendale in the fall. The movie was about the origins of Elsa’s powers and unveils some answers to questions from the first film.

This sequel has noticeable differences in film quality in comparison to the first Frozen film. 

The animation was detailed and looked realistic. One scene with Elsa and the ocean looked so realistic that it looked like someone put a cartoon character into a live video. It was the same with another scene with Olaf and Anna where the clouds looked just like those in real life. 

The story line of “Frozen 2” picked up where it left off from the first film with Elsa’s issue with self-confidence and fear of being different, with Anna telling her that shes amazing and can accomplish anything, trying to show Elsa what she sees. 

One character in particular that has very noticeable development in the movie is Olaf.  He seemed very interested in growing old and more poetic in a sense. 

He dove into topics about growing up and becoming wise, though one thing that hasn’t changed between “Frozen” and Frozen 2” is Olaf’s love for Anna and Elsa’s friendship that shows throughout the film.

An issue I have with this movie is that it springs so much onto the viewer with certain parts that are so unexpected and surprising. It’s just not what I personally expected to see.

It felt like they gave the fans everything they wanted to see in a sequel, but it the story line of the movie didn’t seem like a sensible follow up to the first one. “Frozen 2” was more like a present wrapped in a bow made perfectly for everyone that liked the idea of the second movie. 

This movie was definitely made for those fans but is nonetheless very enjoyable to watch and sing along to.