MarioKart hits iOS

Nintendo takes students on a walk down memory lane when a childhood favorite game joins the app store

MarioKart+on+the+app+store+graces+the+phones+of+many+students+on+campus. illustration/ MAYA SNOW, inspired by MarioKart creator Nintendo

MarioKart on the app store graces the phones of many students on campus.

Mario Kart has hit a new level with it’s new Mobile Tour version available in iOS and Android app stores around the world.

Unlock new characters, gain points by racing for a victory, level up and compete with friends.

The new game leads to many fans thinking the game to die very soon.

For example, the game is very repetitive and the overall game gets old fast.

Freshman Miya Mcclymont said, ”Mario Kart has been around for a while and creating a mobile app where it was a brilliant idea. It retains some concept of the other most recent Mario Kart games, but most would agree that isn’t the same because students can’t play against friends.”

The new game doesn’t offer to play with friends and family, and that’s originally where most of the sun generates from.

“Another reason as to why Mario car has been losing popularity is that it just it just isn’t the same experience. And great comparison would be watching a movie at home. Yes, people get the same content on their own TV,  but once they sit down they realize it’s not the same as going to the movie theaters in experiencing it. 

Mario Kart, like all video games, are more exciting an environment where everyone is pumped and involved-  just like it is at the movies.”

The game doesn’t offer that old adrenaline rush given when playing the older, nostalgic Mario Karts.

“I quit within 5 minutes…” Miya said.

Another, freshman Alexander Alizadeh, said,” [The] game is not fun anymore [and it] got old.”

Again, the game was too repetitive that many got bored of it.

“I’m a decent fan… [the game has] no new features… I have quit.”

Again, the game hasn’t really add anything, but has excluded more in the new version of the game.

Emily Haggerty, freshman and big fan of Mario in general, said,    “ I think the game is really fun. It brings out my competitive side and I just enjoy it general.”

Haggerty really enjoys the game and series.

“Yes, it is getting old, really fast.Likely because there are no new updates.”

Because nothing has been really changing, it is just the same “game modes” being played over and over.

“I’m a fan of the game, and the idea of it, but it was executed poorly, because of the lack of updates and new information.”

Again, since there is no new features, it makes the game boring.

“I like the feature that I can add friends and like to try and beat their score. I don’t like though the lack of me actually being able to play with them.”

Not being able to play with friends is a huge dislike between fans.

Overall, Mario Kart Tour is a fun game at first, but the game is repetitive and has lost its relevance rather quickly.