Like pie? These are the ones you have to try


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is one of the most, if not the most, popular desserts, nevertheless pie, in America. This pie is usually eaten during the fall and early winter, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It originated from the early settlements of America when the pilgrims brought this pie from Great Britain to America as it was easy to grow pumpkins in the New England weather. And since then, pumpkin pie has been a staple dessert for Thanksgiving. There are many variations of this pie. Many people add other flavors with the pumpkin like cinnamon, carrots, and other unorthodox ingredients making it their own. Pumpkin pie is just one of those pies that is a must during the holiday season.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is more towards a modern look at Thanksgiving pies. However, don’t me wrong, this pie is deserves the same recognition and respect as others like pumpkin pie. Plus, many people say they like apple pie more than pumpkin pie anyways. To add on, this pie is usually baked with a lattice top which inherently embellishes the pie differentiating itself to the pumpkin pie, which is baked traditionally with no top. Also, a lot of times, cinnamon is incorporated into this pie to increase the complexity of the flavor and aroma. You really can’t go wrong with apple and cinnamon, and with the warmth and sweetness of the pie, this makes for a Thanksgiving classic.

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is also a pie that is served during the holiday season is also considered a specialty of Southern cuisine. In fact, this pie is believed to be invented in New Orleans by the French who settled in early America. So this pie definitely has the Southern flare within the taste, which is a nice switch from the apple and pumpkin pies. The succulent brown sugar accompanied by oven-roasted pecans will create a savory sensation in your mouth. Presented with a sexy Southern twist of brown sugar, the pie is paired with a dollop of whipped cream to complete the sexiest Thanksgiving dessert.