Let’s get thrifty

GBHS students thrift shop to find their new fall style


Gazette/GBT.org iIllustration/ MAYA SNOW

Thrifting is bringing older fashion back, while also letting students get more for their buck.

   In recent years, thrift shopping has worked its way back into teenagers’ lives. 

   Senior Kendyl Kring loves to thrift shop, and she has a really unique style.

   “My style is just whatever I feel like wearing that day,” Kring said. 

   She always changes up her style from bell bottom jeans to neon green fuzzy sweaters.

   Many students find it difficult to pick out stores that have cute, inexpensive clothes.

   “(When I thrift shop) I know where my money is going, and I feel like I am supporting something good because fast fashion is really harmful on the environment,” Kring said.

   Many students prefer to thrift shop over going to traditional malls.

   “I have to be more intent on what I’m getting because there is a limited amount of each piece,” Kring said.

   Finding a good place to find vintage clothes is difficult, but senior Sofia Arias 

has her own stores she has found over the years. 

   “My favorite stores for cheap clothes are Goodwill and Eco Thrift,” Arias said.

   Many students love to express their style with the clothes that they purchase.

   “I thrift shop for all of my clothes, unless I’m shopping for a specific occasion,” Kring said.

   Senior Bridgette Idler is also a fan of thrift shopping.

   “My favorite part about thrift shopping is finding unique clothes that nobody else has and being able to create my own style with them,” Idler said.

   Many love to dress in vintage clothes, but finding old, trendy clothes is difficult.

   “My favorite spot for vintage clothes would be garage sales or Goodwill,” said Idler. 

   Thrift shopping and purchasing from garage sales allows students find one-of-a-kind outfits for their fall style.