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Hot yoga grows in popularity

Hot yoga grows in popularity

  With the turning of a new year, Granite Bay High School students have found peace, performing hot yoga for individual enjoyment, stretched muscles, or physical benefits like a toned body.

  Hot Yoga tends to focus more on the outward benefits of yoga rather than the “spiritual journey” because it is a very intense and physical total-body workout. Yoga instructors use the heat to increase an individual’s flexibility in poses.

  The most widely known form of hot yoga is Bikram Yoga where yogis and yoginis perform a series of 26 poses at 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Many GBHS students attend Bikram Yoga Granite Bay for their dose of hot yoga and exercise.

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  “There are different types of classes, but the classic one is 90 minutes: an hour is spent on the standing up series and 30 minutes is spent on the ground,” said senior Susanna Behnam  who attends Bikram Yoga four times a week.

  It is unlikely that instructors will demonstrate the poses because they are trained to talk yogis through the flow as a part of moving meditation.

  “The energy is really positive, and others around you really push you to do your best,” said Behnam. “I think that’s what makes it different than any other workout; the benefits are shown right there in class, and there is no better feeling than seeing improvement in your form and strength.”

  Behnam chats with her instructor before class then lays on her mat until the instructor starts class. She often fills up her water with electrolyte powder first because it helps with cramps.

  During the class, an instructor typically allows for one water break, but yogis may take as many as they please, but the class will continue without them.

 It is advised to drink plenty of water as people sweat a lot in the class and run the risk of dehydration.

  Life Time Fitness also offers a hot yoga class for all levels in a less humid but still hot 90 degree room.

  Weekly attendee, Jenna Ladrech, said that the class helps her breathing and really stretches her out.

  Senior Christian Turner recently turned to hot yoga at Life Time because he has had back and knee injuries, and the yoga soothes his joints and muscles.

  “I like how it feels afterward: it’s relaxing and therapeutic to me,” Turner said.

  Turner enjoys going to classes with friends once a week to engage in the challenging yet pleasurable exercise.

  My advice for newbies is to not talk and just let it all happen,” said Turner. “Also, you get pretty wet and sweaty in there, so bring a towel.”

  The excessive sweating during the class is said to remove toxins from the body. Yoga, in any form, is a stress reliever as the poses relax the body’s muscles.

  Other local hot yoga studios include Granite Bay Pilates and Yoga Inc, Purple Moon Yoga, and Bodyheat Hot Pilates and Yoga.

  Improving an individual’s outlook on life, yoga instructors preach taking love and peace out into the world. Hot yoga specifically helps individuals reach their fitness goals.


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Hot yoga grows in popularity