GBHS senior Jesse Uli finds success in local media opportunities


  In a culture full of Instagram models and Tumblr girls, it seems as though anyone could become a photographer.

Though capturing an image on an iPhone is no difficult feat, many aspiring photographers disregard the artistic basis of photography.

  In light of all these so called “photographers” at Granite Bay, one person seems to honor the title: Jesse Uli. His knowledge of the art form is eloquently displayed in his pictures. Making use of lighting, location, and color scheme to convey  his message.

  “I started when I was 14, I borrowed a camera to do some short films with friends, which progressed into doing weddings and being a production assistant on smaller shows.” Uli said.

  Being a senior at Granite Bay, Jesse has had a couple years to make his mark. He seeks to collaborate with fellow artists at GBHS and use all of the resources provided to his advantage.

  Uli not only puts time and commitment into his film efforts within the high school setting, but he also has found the time to jump-start his own business. A full resume, contact resources, as well as previous and current works can be found on his website.

  “I love the music scene that flows with film and photography. I’ve been blessed to take pictures of bigger artists like Tyler The Creator and Glitch Mob, but this is all just the beginning.” Uli said.

  It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Jesse Uli walking around campus, camera-in-hand. At a young age he would always set goals while striving to exceed expectations. His work illustrates his clear drive and passion for his work.

  Many may not know the ties between photography and film. Within the music industry especially, album covers and music videos work hand and hand to appeal to listeners.

  “I’ve already begun capturing an artist and putting a creative image behind their music. I’d love to go on tour with some of these bigger artists and eventually make the transition to traditional film-making,” Uli said.

  For the past three years Jesse Uli has been making a name for himself throughout the Sacramento area. His unique style and appeal to his audience has made him the artist that he is today.

  “The main thing that inspires me to work harder is the idea of those big dreams coming true and the life I’ve built in my mind becoming a reality.” Jesse said.

  Granite Bay has witnessed his drive to find success first hand. There is no doubt that Jesse Uli will continue down a path to fulfill his dreams in the future.