Fall Fashion


  ‘Tis the season of red, yellow and orange leaves, apple picking and, well, pumpkin spice everything. It is finally fall.

  A change in season means a change in wardrobe as well.

  With a shift to cooler temperatures, it can be difficult to have a stylish outfit, so here are all the top fall trends for 2017.  

  Denim is the biggest craze this fall. Whether it be a jacket or skirt, denim is everywhere.  

  Jean jackets are a simple accent to any outfit.  They can be paired with almost anything, whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or a flannel.  Not to mention, jean jackets help keep you warm as well.

  “Lately, denim jackets have been a thing,” junior Akhil Shah said, “…guys wear their black jeans and girls wear their Lululemon leggings with a jean jacket over.”

You’ve probably had a denim jacket in your closet for forever,” Kristen Nichols, a writer for Who What Wear,  said. She also advises “… don’t be afraid to wear it with jeans. In fact, many of our favorite outfits include a denim-on-denim look.

  Denim skirts and overalls are very popular as well.  Both of these items can be worn in all temperatures of fall.  

  A long sleeve shirt can be worn under overalls to keep you warm during fall, and a cozy sweater can be paired with a denim skirt as well.

  These two pieces are perfect go to outfits when you do not know what to wear.

  According to Elle Fashion, 1970’s plaid is huge during fall also.  “…this season is all about bright plaid from the 70’s,” Justine Carreon, an Elle writer, said.  

  A common example of this fad is flannels. A flannel can be paired with a variety of items, from shorts to jeans to skirts, making it a simple fall accent to any outfit.

 Patagonia is a very popular brand as well this fall.

  The main, go-to-clothing is either a synchilla pullover jacket or a puffy rain coat. These two items can be worn on a fall day to stay cozy.  

  Speaking of staying cozy, sweaters are in this fall as well.  For both guys and girls, a sweater can make any outfit.

  “Sweaters are nice for fall because they are really warm and soft, ” said junior Rachel Finsthwait, “You can also dress them up or down.”

  For shoes, the infamous Birkenstocks are always good footwear for fall.  Many students say they are extremely comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit.

  When it is colder, Birkenstocks can be worn with socks to keep you warm.  

  Other popular shoes are ankle boots.  These short boots “can go with anything, a dress, a skirt, jeans…” said Madeline Tastor, a senior at Granite Bay High School. .  

  Vans are well liked also.  Students say they like the wide variety Vans offer.  Whether it be slip on checkered vans, or black high tops, these shoes can be paired with any outfit.  

  On a different note, fall has a new color scheme this year–red, olive green and a burnt yellow.  These three colors can instantly make any outfit a fall outfit.   

  “It’s official–red is the color of Fall 2017,” Justine Carreon said.  

  Red, being a bold color, can make a statement to any outfit.

  There are many trends this fall, giving lots of options for comfortable, yet stylish fall outfits.