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Fall Activities for Everyone


Whether it’s the baked goods, the weather, or the Starbucks drinks, fall is always a hit with Granite Bay High School students.

“I love the fall, it is my favorite season,” said Granite Bay High School sophomore Surina

Khurana says she loves the special baking that she gets to do in the Fall. “With cold weather comes baking, I am really looking forward to baking with all of the flavors like pumpkin and
Apple,” Khurana said.

“I am looking forward to the weather this Fall season also,” Khurana said. Halloween happens to fall on a Friday this year which excites some students such as Khurana.

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“I’m super excited that Halloween is on a Friday this year, it will make the holiday even more fun,” Khurana said.
“My favorite activity in the fall is definitely baking, pumpkin muffins, caramel apples, chocolate chip muffins and much more,” Khurana said.

Starbucks also has a variety of new drinks that come out this time of the year that are popular among GBHS students.

Many of them include, Pumpkin Spice lattes, Salted Caramel Frappuccinos, Gingerbread flavored drinks, or even further into fall and winter is peppermint drinks.

Khurana says she loves Starbucks’ Salted Caramel hot chocolate.

“They are delicious and make me really happy,” Khurana said.

Khurana also said that the fall gets her excited for the winter which includes skiing and snow activities.

“I love skiing and am really excited to get some snow in Tahoe this year,” Khurana said.

Madeline Pautsch, a GBHS sophomore, says she loves fall because of Halloween. “I am most looking forward to Halloween because of the candy, the parties, and hanging out with friends,” Pautsch said.

Pautsch says her favorite fall activity is shopping for new fall clothes, she loves all the new fashions that come out at this time. “Salted Caramel Frappuccino, or Pumpkin Spice latte are
my favorite drinks this time of year,” Pautsch said.

Sophomore Taylor Garcia says she loves the Fall season because of the weather.
“I get to wear boots and sweaters and jeans everyday, and it is really comfortable,” Garcia said.

“My favorite fall activity is volleyball because I get to hang out with all of my friends and hit balls at them,” Garcia said.

Garcia says that her favorite Fall drink at Starbucks is the Salted Caramel Frappuccino “I like the little sugar crystals that they put on top,” Garcia said.

Junior Nikki Tafoya also said she is looking forward to Halloween this fall season. “It’s my favorite holiday and I really like the scary atmosphere to it,” Tafoya said.

Tafoya also mentioned that her favorite fall activity is going to Apple Hill with her family. “The food is delicious, it is always so pretty there, there are always fun things to do and cute little shops to shop at,” Tafoya said.

“I really like going to Bishop’s Pumpkin farm and hopefully I will go this year, carving pumpkins has always been one of my favorite fall activities,” Tafoya said

Tafoya said her favorite fall Starbucks drink is the salted caramel mocha, she says it has a
good balance of sweet and salty.

Tafoya said she really likes volleyball season and the other activities in the fall. “Fall is my favorite season,” Tafoya said. “Because of the weather, the food, and the activities
this time of year.”

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Fall Activities for Everyone