Disney fans discuss the fate of Disney’s Frozen franchise

Release of ‘Frozen 2’ elicits thoughts of a third Frozen movie



The ending of “Frozen 2” was satisfying to most, though the revenue that the films accrued might prompt a Disney to make this pair of movies into a trilogy.

As many Disney fans know, the sequel to the family favorite, “Frozen 2” came out fall of 2019. This left many fans wondering, is “Frozen 3” coming?

In 2013, Disney released Frozen, and animated film featuring two sisters, Anna and Elsa, voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, and their kingdom of Arendelle.

The family favorite film added two more Disney princesses, was marked to be as good as “The Lion King”, and achieved a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars.

However, Disney wasn’t done yet. A year after “Frozen” dropped, directors announced a “Frozen 2” was in production as writers Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, also Bell and Menzel, were hired for a second time.

The plot for “Frozen 2” followed Elsa and Anna’s journey into an enchanted forest as they search for answers of their past. 

The animated film ended with Ana and Kristoff as king and queen of Arendale, and Elsa finding her true destiny. The two princesses topped their last adventure with “Frozen 2” ‘s revenue reaching 1.4 billion dollars.

However, the film’s ending left fans speculating if a Frozen 3 is needed.

“As much as I love ‘Frozen’, I don’t believe we need another,” junior Hallie Christopherson said. “ ‘Frozen’ had it’s time and people are ready to move on to new stories.” 

Other fans feel a “Frozen 3” would only be made with profitable intentions and no real thought would be put into it. 

“I (wouldn’t be) surprised if they made another one.” sophomore Campbell Karris said, “(It wouldn’t be) the first time Disney has tried to make money off a popular movie instead of actually investing time on it.”

On the flip side, some fans are almost begging for a Frozen 3 and never want their favorite winter story to end.

“I love ‘Frozen’, and I think a sequel to the two movies would be so entertaining. Although ‘Frozen 2’ had a happy closing, I still can’t imagine that being the end,” sophomore Kerri Caulfield said.

Though fans who anticipate another movie may be left disappointed, as the directors stated that the ending of Frozen 2 felt like a complete story. Continuing, Lee and Buck have not yet been hired to return. 

So fans of Elsa and Anna are left wondering, will the sisters’ journey continue, or is this where the trail goes cold? Will Disney soon answer all of these questions or let the storm of rumors go on? Only time will tell if it’s finally time for Disney and Disney fans to “Let it Go”.