Christmas tree shopping is a tradition among many Granite Bay students


Photo Credit: Glenn Fleishman, Creative Commons 2.0 Generic

Christmas season is here and there are some guidelines to help find a tree. There are many places to go get a Christmas tree during the Holiday season. Some are local and convenient and others are more remote and in the woods.

Freshman Nolan Stabbert said that his family goes to the local lot Mikey’s by Quarry Ponds in Granite Bay.

“Generally my family goes in early December,” Stabbert said. “My family used to go cut down trees at Little Bear Farms because it reminded us of how it used to be when we lived in Pennsylvania.”

One tip Stabbert said was that the good trees are usually in the back.

Senior Ryan Harris said he doesn’t like getting fake trees because it’s fun to cut real ones down.

“I go to Placerville with my sisters and parents to find my Christmas tree.  It’s called Hook and Ladder and you hike up a valley and pick your own tree,” Harris said.

Something to be careful about is to be cautious when sawing down your tree so you don’t have an accident according to Harris.

Sophomore Dylan Cole said that he goes with his mom and sister to get their tree the weekend after Thanksgiving at Apple Hill.

“It’s really cool because we get to spend quality time together and we have lots of fun,” Cole said.

Cole said that if your family doesn’t get a real tree you should because it is good to have that fun memory of chopping down the tree together.

Senior Jessica Miller also goes Apple Hill with her family during the first week of December to get the tree.

“We all find a tree that everyone agrees on and whoever found that tree first gets to hang the first ornament on it the next day.” Miller said.

One rule Miller always follows while looking for the perfect tree is making sure that the trunk doesn’t curve because then it will lean to one side once it’s placed in your home.

Junior Nikki Tafoya and her family use the Mikey’s lot located on Douglas Blvd. because its easy to pick the one they like.

“My family has been going to Mikey’s for as long as it’s been open.  After we find the perfect tree we always go into Pete’s coffee and drink hot chocolate together.” Tafoya said.

A tip from Tafoya is to make sure that there isn’t any sort of nest or trace of animal life in the tree before you take it home.

Senior Greg Fina goes to Smart’s Christmas Tree Farm in a town called Camino.

“My family and I like this tree farm because its not local and its cool to find one in the mountains.” Fina said.

Fina’s family gets two christmas trees because they like to have one in the family room and in their bonus room.  A word of advice would be to get a high quality one that doesn’t die quickly and to stay away from store bought trees.