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You’re moving to Canada, eh?

  When did Canada become America’s official back-up plan?

  You don’t have to be a political connoisseur to have noticed the innumerable threats of emigration in the name of escaping America’s politicians.

  And with the current presidential election characterized by colossal controversies, it seems like everybody is preparing to trade their stars and stripes for maple leaves and Tim Horton’s.

  According to MarketWatch, the Google search for “Move to Canada” reached its highest peak ever immediately following Donald Trump’s victory of seven states on Super Tuesday. The numbers approximately tripled from their last profound surge during George W. Bush’s reelection.

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  This doesn’t even take into account the numerous social media posts and in-person whining that are sweeping the nation.

  Overall, it’s clear that a very significant amount of people are quite dissatisfied with this year’s selection of candidates.

  Even has taken notice of the epidemic of  the infatuation with Canada, and concluded through a poll that 28 percent of Americans expressed potential desires to relocate to Canada if Trump was elected.

  One man interviewed by Vox called out to the Canadian prime minister, “Let all Americans come to Canada so we can be safe and happy and free.”

  Clearly, there are some misconceptions about Canada.

  While I recognize Canada might have its perks, these have become far too glorified in Americans’ eyes.

  Universal healthcare is a major pro to Americans favoring Canada, and it’s probably great – that is until you land on a long waiting list for treatment you need as soon as possible for a potentially fatal illness.

  They have less homicide than us, but they also lack consecutive sentencing, thus allowing dangerous criminals to be let off the hook quite easily. reports that a five-year sentence was given to a man with an important role in the 1985 Air India bombing that killed 329 people.

  And if you’re anti-Bernie Sanders for his socialist beliefs, I recommend sparing yourself the long, difficult, and extremely expensive move to Canada, it’s just a waste of time and money. You’ll just find yourself under more socialistic rule, where the provinces with the biggest economic contributions lose wealth to provinces that do not contribute economically, and a very capable person could live their entire life on welfare without working.

  Sure, Canada’s cabinet is 50-50 men and women as well as racially diverse. However, don’t be fooled by appearances of equality. Canada has even worse pay equity struggles than America, as the prime minister Justin Trudeau admitted himself recently, and polls display that one third of Canadian citizens agree with Trump’s ban on Muslims.

  Not to mention, normal day-to-day life would be drastically altered. Many American chains are not in Canada, items are more expensive, and you might end up being forced to pay both U.S. and Canadian taxes. If you’ve talked to young Canadian citizens, you’ll find many of them choosing to cross into America to buy clothes, makeup, and other products because of their prices. Even prices on houses are still extremely high in Canada.

  So how about instead of throwing a tantrum about the candidates we’ve been dealt, we save everyone from Canada’s cold, expensive country by staying and making a difference instead of running from our problems.

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You’re moving to Canada, eh?