Commentary: Women Can’t Win

Women are suffocated by society’s expectations


Gazette/ staff photo

It is difficult for women in today’s society to fit harsh expectations.

Piper Bacon, assistant editor

What is the ideal body type?

This is a question we’re asking ourselves on a daily basis.

Some idolize the hourglass figure, however clothing stores haven’t quite been able to match the shape just yet. 

If a brand’s clothes fit around the hips, they’ll be too wide around the waist— be careful of this, because if you want to avoid making your body look awkward, an hourglass figure might not be the way to go.

I would ditch this old-fashioned look. Curves are for whores anyhow.

We now live in a day and age where the cute, skinny girl is new sexy, the new gorgeous.

A flat stomach is all you need to get your start to becoming an influencer. You see it all over Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, VSCO— it’s everywhere.

Clothes these days aren’t meant to fit girls over 125 pounds, anyhow.

Heck, the last time I went into a PacSun and tried to buy some pants, I had to try on the largest size, and it still didn’t fit!

How cute.

Girls like me have to be fine with fitting the new norm.

Girls like me have to be fine with fitting the new norm.

— Piper Bacon

It’s the way of life.

It’s what society demands.

It’s disgusting if you don’t even try.

You’re disgusting.

But that’s alright! Humans are always meant to change and adapt to their surroundings, it’s in our blood.

I would recommend doing ab workouts to strengthen your core and flatten out that stomach.

Ignore what they tell you about that little pouch you have on your stomach. 

Yes, there are organs in there, but that’s just an excuse for having weight that’s necessary to cut down.

If you want to be pretty it needs to go.

There are girls out there working harder than you do to achieve this. You have no reason to not even try.

Maybe you should put that chocolate down and eat a salad.

You don’t even need the salad.

You don’t even need to eat.

Convince yourself that you don’t need to eat.

So with a bit of diet and exercise, you can have the perfect body, too!

Not only is your figure important, but you need to care for your skin as well.

What you don’t know is that the majority of girls around you have fabulous skin by just using a simple face wash and some moisturizer.

Doesn’t that sound ideal?

Unfortunately, you’re not the same.

You’ll never be the same.

That’s why I recommend as many skin care products as money can buy!

Spending less than $100 is too prude. Most girls like you splurge on their skin care products.

You need an exfoliator, toner, moisturizer, some Vitamin C serum …

I could go on for ages, but no matter what, you’ll still feel like you’re not worth it.

Anymore, that seems to be the intent, doesn’t it?

Keep buying their products. Feed the gluttonous desires of media. It’s the only thing you can try to do to fit the status quo.

Don’t bother protesting, or fighting for true equality. You’re just a feminazi if you even think about opening your mouth.

Stay in your place.

Don’t even look at men.

If a man wants to sleep with you, then your life might as well be over.

Ironically this is the only time you ever get a choice: you can be a slut if you sleep with him, or a prude of a tease if you don’t.

Your reputation is everything.

Even if you are nothing.

If you frequent Starbucks, you’re basic. If you wear hoops and style your edges, then you’re ghetto. 

If you wear makeup, you’re just like every other girl, and it’s disgusting.

If you choose to skip the mascara, even one single day, you’re nauseating; you don’t even try anymore.

You’ll get taxed for having a period, mocked for cutting your hair short, and turned into a sex object for wearing a skirt.

Eventually you will start to feel your wrists burn and bleed from the chains that hold you down. You’ll have become a wretched addict to every like, comment and share you receive, itching for your next fix, satisfied only by the buzz of a notification coming from your pocket.

And one day, when you look into your daughter’s eyes, what will you tell her?

She’ll be born with NAS, force-fed an addiction she’ll never be able to shake. And what will you do but perpetuate it?

You could make a stand and help her shed the impossible standards she could never even dream of meeting.

Maybe, just maybe, she’ll achieve the genuine happiness every little girl deserves.

But that’s impossible without standards.

It’s impossible without the perfect figure, the perfect face, the perfect laugh and the perfect mind.

At least, that’s what society will try to tell you.

So in turn, I’ll ask you again, what will you tell her?

After all that is said and done, make sure you have an Instagram account – that is where you’ll get most of your following. 

Use a light beauty filter, and make sure to find good lighting.

You’ll seem perfect after all.

Smile for the camera!