Winter break traveling plans up in the air

Many students’ trips are sadly either cancelled or put on hold due to the pandemic


Lily Shores

Lily Shores is looking forward to visiting the popular vacation destination, Soda Springs.

During this stressful pandemic, are people still going on their winter break trips? 

Granite Bay High School students shared if they are planning to go on winter break trips or not.

Student Lily Shores said how she is attending a trip to Soda Springs this winter break.  

“At Soda Springs, it would most likely be a weekend trip or a four day trip, but with friends it would probably be a day trip,” Shores said. “We do go here often because it’s only an hour drive and is just a cool place to go to for a few days.”

Shores is not concerned about the threat of COVID-19 for while she’s on her trip.  Her and her sister may be bringing some friends along with them as well.   

“We aren’t crazy worried about COVID-19; we’re taking precautions like wearing masks and using a lot of hand sanitizer, but we aren’t super worried or scared about getting it,”  Shores said.

Unfortunately, it is possible that some vacation destinations will be cancelled due to the pandemic, however.

Student Sofia Richards travels to France every summer to visit friends and family. However, she is still unsure if she’ll be able to go this year due to the pandemic.  If she is able to go, she will have to go through a 14 day quarantine when she arrives, as she would be visiting a different country.          

It is because of this fact that she is unsure as to if she will be able to visit France this year.  

Because of the 14 day quarantine we (would) have to make when we arrive there, and also when we come back (to the U.S.) we do not know if we will be able to go at all.

— Sofia Richards

“Because of the 14 day quarantine we (would) have to make when we arrive there, and also when we come back (to the U.S.) we do not know if we will be able to go at all…,” Richards said.

Another reason she is unsure if she is able to go is because of conflicts with online school.

“We are trying to (work around) schooling, now that we have gone back with (hybrid learning), to figure out a way we can go to France,” Richards said.     

Some students, such as Richards will be celebrating holidays on vacation this winter break as well.

We would try to be (in France) for Christmas and perhaps New Year’s,”  Richards said.     

Whilst some students are still not positive about if they are going on their planned winter break trips, others are simply not going at all.  

Some students have other circumstances, besides the pandemic, that prevent them from going on winter break trips.

Noelle Prange is not travelling during winter break because of her dad’s tight work schedule.

“I usually do not travel for winter break,” Prange said.  “My dad is a manager at UPS and it is their biggest time of year because everyone is buying Christmas presents online. He can not get days off all through November and December so we don’t travel during those months.”       

Students all have different plans for this winter break.  Some students are not concerned about the pandemic, while others are.  Travelling is a great experience and most wouldn’t like to miss out on it. Although it may be a great experience travelling, it is important to stay safe during the pandemic.