Opinion: Why I fell head over heels for fall


Kaylene Wharff

The fall trees in early November at Granite Bay High School Campus

It’s a late evening. You have no homework, you’re wearing your favorite sweater and the rain is pouring down on the leaf-covered street. You sit by the chilly window, wrapped in your favorite blanket, while reading that one book that makes you feel at home. As the smell of pumpkin bread and apple cinnamon candles travels through the air, you realize it’s the best season of the year. 

Fall is the season that takes place in early September to early December, but it seems like it should last forever. Though gloomy to some, I believe it is a time of year to be celebrated. 

Fall is a season of many great aromas, which is one of the reasons it makes the season special to me. Based on an article from Scientific American, it is scientifically proven that scents can bring back joyful memories. Baking pies with family in the kitchen just in time for Thanksgiving. The somewhat gross but nostalgic smell of carving pumpkins to celebrate Halloween that spooky time of year. Trips to Starbucks in the chilly autumn morning as the smell of coffee whiffs into your nose. The crisp morning air after a stormy night. The smell of old books as you get cozy by a warm fire. 

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for family, communion, and gratitude. Based on an article from Harvard Health, it is proven that being grateful can substantially improve your health and relationships.  For me, being thankful is a big part of who I am. I have found that when I list things I am grateful for the day and sharing what I am grateful for around the dinner table during Thanksgiving with my family makes me feel more appreciative towards the cool season.

Trees have a huge impact on me. Walking outside and seeing the auburn and gold leaves falling from the trees makes me feel like I am in an enchanted fairytale. I can recall a memory of me in kindergarten, when my grandpa would help me make a big pile of leaves with my mini rake. I then take a massive leap towards the towering pile of leaves. Nothing but laughs and the blissful wind can be heard. 

As Gene Kelly from Singin’ in the Rain says “come on with the rain, I’ve a smile on my face”, rain is what makes fall so unique and special. Even though the rain may be an obstacle to some, it is a fantastic day when it rains. When you hear it is raining outside, a jolt of happiness courses through you. You slip on your rain jacket, your rubber boots, and dash outside. It’s cold, but a chill that gets you excited for the changing weather. You plunge in the puddles, which brings you back to your childhood.

Music is a really big part of my life, and it has helped me live my life. Taylor Swift is one of my favorite music artists, and she has helped define not only fall, but who I am as a person. Two of her more recent albums, folklore and evermore clearly radiate an indescribable feeling that ties fall together so perfectly. She beautifully expresses her emotions through a type of feeling that I can relate to on a personal level.

Another defining aspect of Autumn for me is the fall play. I have been in multiple fall plays here at Granite Bay High School, and it has been such a great experience for me. The feeling of walking on stage on opening night in late October is like no other. It is fulfilling and a great way to kick off the fall season. 

If I could only choose one season to live in for the rest of your life, I would easily choose fall.