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Opinion: If Time Is So Precious, Why Waste It?


The world we live in is a rapid, racing, roller-coaster, shaped by the never-ending ambitions and responsibilities that steer us.

As individuals, we are constantly impelled to achieve all that we ever intended to. Whether it being academic endeavors, extracurricular activities, or spending time with friends and family, we strive to fulfill all of our commitments.

As a result, we juggle as much as we can into our schedules, pushing ourselves to the greatest limits.

The irony is that we are racing rigorously to simply follow a monotonous system that we’ve established.

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Of course, we feel content when we are able to see the fruits of our labor. In fact, a successful outcome is what motivates us to restart this cycle of work. And once again, we turn into living machines, working simply to produce an end result.

But hovering above the entire process is the pressure of time. Time is our machine’s most extensive source of energy – until its power begins diminishing.

When the power supply of time extinguishes, our machine suddenly fails us. And as individuals, we believe we have become failures.

Time is the most precious abundance the universe has bestowed to us and ironically in such cases, time becomes our mortal, deceitful enemy.

When we run out of time, we question what went wrong?

When we were so close to the finish line, why was it that time hindered our path to success?

The obvious answer to these questions all lie in one key idea: Time Management.

As humans, we naturally blame time as the cause of our failures. When in all reality, it was because of our inefficient use of time that we failed to meet our commitments.

Often, procrastination can be seen as a cause of this. After all, when we put off our responsibilities until the last minute, we are bound to suffer the consequences.

However, our constant struggle against time isn’t always because of procrastination. Many times, it’s because of the robotic machines we’ve transformed ourselves into.

We have adapted our lifestyles to imitate a race against time, in which we’re involuntarily competing against various external elements.

We scamper continuously to reach a final destination and then return to the start point to only restart this race.

Do we ever stop and question why we’re in such a rush?

Yes, it is necessary to fulfil our duties and work towards our goals – but to what extent?

It’s important to realize that we shouldn’t be running after a successful finished product. Instead, we should be travelling on a journey of excellence.

If we work gradually towards our goals, time will become our best friend, allowing us to both succeed and excel in the long run.

We do not have the power to slow time down, but we can slow ourselves down. Because the truth is, we are not machines, but humans.

Our time on this earth is quite short compared to the life of any machine. It’s up to us to cherish it.

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Opinion: If Time Is So Precious, Why Waste It?