Thirteen reasons why you should know the Judd family

How names can be more meaningful than they may appear


Special to the Gazette/ Laura Brown

The members of the Judd family feel that names are a way of expressing a person’s personality and physical traits

Every person has a name – the word they were given at birth to differentiate themselves from everyone else.

  Names can be used to express anger, joy or excitement when expressed in different tones and while referencing someone.

   Some names are given because they sound pretty or unique. Others are given as family names or for deeper meaning. No matter what, an individual’s name is always unique to them and sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

   Along with the first name given to an individual, there is the last name- the name that binds a family together. This is the name that every person is born into.

  One Granite Bay family has taken the idea of a name to mean more than some may understand.

  The Judd family, a family of fifteen, is filled with unique names that in reality are quite brilliant and clever.

   There is a process that came with the naming of each child along with a very unique story that connects the name to the individual.

   “Everybody just gets to throw out an idea and my parents choose which ideas they like the most,” Caleb Moose Judd, the oldest of the Judd boys, said. “ And then, of course, my parents get the final say on what to name the baby.”

Everybody just gets to throw out an idea and my parents choose which ideas they like the most

— Caleb Moose Judd

  The thirteen names are all very unique and different, but a few stand out.

  Caleb Washington Judd, who goes by Moose, is the oldest Judd boy. His name was thought of by combining Caleb, a name in the bible that symbolizes a great leader, with Washington who is also viewed as a great leader.

  Caleb was given this name symbolically to resemble that he will be a leader to his younger siblings.

  Trixie Petunia Pineapple is the second oldest girl in the Judd family. Her name was considered based on her appearance.

  “She was like a dainty flower and for the first couple months of her life, her hair stood straight up so she looked like a pineapple.” Caleb said.

  Super Star Five Jemima is the fifth child of the Judd family.

  “Superstar was just her personality. The Five part came from her being the fifth child,” Trixie Judd said. “Jemima was one of the beautiful daughters of Job in the Bible.”

  Falcon Jasper was said to be named for his long arms that made him look like he had a long wingspan. And it fits his personality because he is said to be speedy.

  Sassafras Sapphire Sophronia goes by “sassy” however her name too has deeper meaning.

  “Sassafras represents wisdom,” Trixie said. “Sapphire because she was born during the largest fire in LA history you could see the fire from the hospital in which she was born.”

 The newest member of the Judd family is Tank.

  “Tank is the only kid with a one syllable name,” Trixie said. “He is a no nonsense, no frills, straight forward, serious minded fellow. Plus he is built like a tank.”

  Each name in the family is so unique and personal to each individual. They all have a specific reasoning behind the ideas and inspirations for the names.

  This big Granite Bay family has a lot of kids with unique names but also a lot of love that they share.

  “My favorite thing about being a mom is getting to know my kids and their individual personalities and discovering their unique talents.” Hannah Judd, the mother, said.