Students overcome the back-to-school blues online


Kaylee Price

Despite only experiencing school through the computer, students still grapple with the return to school.

Usually students spend all year looking forward to their two month summer vacation. 

But for many students this year it feels as if summer vacation has bled into school.

Since March 13, Granite Bay High School students have been staying in their homes as a result of the state recommendations to isolate from others as much as possible. Because of this, GBHS adapted an online curriculum for the beginning of this school year. 

“The transition that I had from summer to school was a little bit tough since I hadn’t been on a school schedule in a long time,” junior Bailey Webb said.

Now that school has started, students attend their daily Zoom classes from the comfort of their homes. 

One benefit of the online learning platform is many students are able to travel during school as well, which has contributed to the feeling of an extended summer vacation.

While students may not have to wake up early to get ready or beat the typical before school traffic, some may still need to get up earlier than they did on a normal summer day. 

The transition from summer to online school is not as significant as the typical return to school, but the transition is inevitably a little challenging, no matter the circumstances.

“It … takes away all of the privileges of summer,” freshman Lydia Peterson said. “But you can still do a lot of stuff.”

Going back to school is a big change, people go from doing fun activities with no necessary structure in their day to the strict schedule that comes with school and attending classes.

“With quarantine and all I didn’t have much going on, so I wasn’t on any type of schedule,” Webb said. “Once school started back up I had to get back onto a good schedule.”

As the school year continues, students will eventually adjust to the typical rigidity of their school schedules, despite all of the other things they’re being forced to adjust to.