Student Government plans new virtual activities

Student Government hopes to connect the student body this year under one important theme: “Strength in Unity”


Tamara Givens

Student Government students pose with their school t-shirts during a Zoom meeting.

The theme for our school this year is Strength in Unity. This theme was chosen by the Student Government class because they felt it was an important message, especially in the current, unprecedented times.

“(Student Government) just really wanted to emphasize that we’re all in this together, even though we aren’t actually in person together,” Sidney Barber, a senior at Granite Bay High School, said.

Being separated by distance learning can be difficult for many people, and Student Government wants to help students feel connected despite it. 

“(The Student Government class) want(s) to tie everyone together, make people feel not as alone… and… have a fun time in a bleak time,” sophomore Aubry Donahue said.

Remembering that we are not facing these new experiences alone is also very important. There is an entire school going through this together, facing challenges and overcoming them.

Tyler Zavala, the ASB president and a senior  at GBHS, expressed the importance of working together through challenges.

“When (someone is) working in a group collectively, whether it be on Zoom or in person… it… allows (them) to have understanding for others, and the fact that (we) have (our) own individual abilities and skills,” Zavala said. “It also allows (us) to apply them into work and make constant change.”

Student Government works to find ways for students to have pride and love for their school. 

“(The members of Student Government) are the people… trying to make the best of the situation (and) to make you smile or realize ‘I’m super excited that I’m a grizzly’… and being appreciative of the fact that (you) go to such a great school,” Zavala said. 

Familiar school-wide events such as rallies and dances are usually organized by the Student Government class. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic preventing students from returning to school, many of these activities have been put on hold until safe. 

(The members of Student Government) are the people… trying to make the best of the situation (and) to make you smile or realize ‘I’m super excited that I’m a grizzly’… and being appreciative of the fact that (you) go to such a great school.

— Tyler Zavala

While distance learning has created new challenges, the Student Government class is working tirelessly to create fun and interactive events for the students to enjoy as well as creating a unified student body. 

“I’m really excited for what we have planned even though it’s on Zoom,” Barber said. “We’re still super excited about all of our events.”

Events coming up that are being held are Spirit Week, Ripple Effect Week, and a virtual talent show. 

Spirit Week is going to be a week-long event where students will have the opportunity to dress up for their daily zooms, and show their school spirit. It will be held on September 14-18 with a new spirit theme each day.

Ripple Effect Week will be September 21-24. The purpose of this event is to help students struggling with their mental health at this time through resources on how and where to get the help they need. 

“(Ripple Effect Week) is going to be a whole week full of mental health awareness, (and) videos from Peer Counseling and the Wellness Center,” Zavala said. 

In addition to Spirit Week and Ripple Effect Week, the Student Government class is currently planning a virtual talent show where students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

“(The talent show) is going to be virtual,” Barber said. “(The class is) planning on doing a Youtube Premiere. We are hoping to do an America’s Got Talent theme…(America’s Got Talent) did a…show (during quarantine), so we are kind of aiming for that.”

While many of the details may not be finalized and there are no specific dates for the virtual talent show yet, the class is planning on having this event on a Friday night sometime in early October.

There are still many more events yet to come from the Student Government class this semester. There have been no plans for holding virtual dances, however. 

In addition, Student Government is creating polls for the student body on their Instagram, @gbhs_stugov, to receive feed-back on what other events students would like to see throughout the semester. 

“We are going to be sending out a bunch of surveys asking the kids what they would like to see,” Barber said.

Tamara Givens, the activities director and teacher of the student government class, ultimately hopes to make this year as meaningful as it can be.

“I really want (the student body) to feel like (the Student Government class is) here for them,” Givens said. “We are going to do our best to… find fun things (to do).”