Song review: Take it or Leave it

James Arthur released “It’ll All Make Sense In The End” on Nov 5, 2021. Here is an analysis and review of the song “Take it or Leave it,” off of his album.


Cover art for James Arthur’s album “It’ll All Make Sense In The End”

When I say James Arthur has been there for every heartbreak and mental breakdown, I mean it. This man knows how to soak a song in emotion. Arthur is commonly known for his popular song “Say You Won’t Let Go”. I personally found Arthur through “Train Wreck”, a song that really made me realize how much of a train wreck I was at a low point in my life. On a happier note, “Can I Be Him” is another song that makes all hopeless romantics go insane and is the song that reeled me in to hear more from this artist. Arthur just released a new album titled “It’ll all make sense in the end” oNov 5, 2021.

I loved every single song in this album, but frankly there was one song that stood out the most to me. The song “Take It Or Leave It” really grew arms and stole my heart. 

“Take It Or Leave It” can be interpreted in many different ways, Arthur doesn’t make it clear to whom he is expressing his feelings to. I believe that it’s open to interpretation, everyone may connect to it differently. 

The lyrics that stood out to me most are from the chorus. Believe me when I say I can scream this part of the song best. To get a better feel for the lyrics, I recommend listening to this part of the song.

“So take it or leave it, my voice is nearly broken

Drowning in slow motion

‘Cause, oh, I’m down and hopeless, it’s true

So take it or leave it, I’m numb, my body’s frozen

And all my doors are closing

My light is dying slowly, it’s true

So take it or leave it all”

This is the cue to start crying on the bathroom floor. Unless you’re not an emotional train wreck like me. The chorus emphasizes the feeling of utter hopelessness. Each line compares what one may feel when choosing to give up. From what I took out of this, is that you either take him as the mess he is, or just leave him. Which is very similar to the saying “all or nothing”.  

Stepping away from the lyrics, can we appreciate the deepness of his voice? His voice literally shows the emotions that one may feel if they can relate to this part. The raspiness is just…chefs kiss. I always like the idea of male artists with deeper voices singing emotional songs. In my opinion, since deeper voices are considered “more masculine” it portrays that men are still allowed to show emotion. Which is an issue in today’s society, where most guys are afraid to show emotions, being afraid that it challenges their masculinity. 

Okay back to fangirling. Arthur also included the name of another song and the name of the album in the bridge of the song. Was this intentional or am I just reading into the lyrics too much?

“Maybe you’re my medicine

Like a sort of adrenaline

All my lies, all my sins

I wish I would’ve been a better friend

I’m just trying to find a way to win

Maybe I want too many things

And I hope it’ll all make sense in the end”

I’m in no way, shape, or form a singer, but something possesses me at this part that makes me want to scream this while driving with the windows down. But I won’t do that, mainly because I’ve been told I sound like a hyperventilating walrus and I don’t have my license. Moving on!

He includes the name of the song “Medicine” which is also in this album. The song “Medicine” also includes lyrics that have to do with “adrenaline”. It’s another amazing song in the album, plus it’s happier than “Take It Or Leave It”. 

The title of the album is also shown, Arthur states that he “hope[s] that it’ll all make sense in the end”. Which contradicts the title, but then for the very last line of the song in the outro he says “It’ll all make sense in the end”. In the whole song we can see that Arthur is constantly doubting himself, then in the end he makes a strong statement that leaves all the doubts behind him.

I definitely recommend this album and this artist to everyone. This isn’t my favorite album of his, but it’s definitely a new style of his that I enjoyed listening to. In all honesty my favorite album of his is probably “Back From The Edge” from 2016. 

Overall I give this song and the overall album an 8/10.