Siblings plan to head to college together

Fellow Horned Frogs will make TCU home


Courtesy of DEIDRE HOLT

Brennan and Summer Holt will eventually be rejoining one another at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. Brennan will be a college freshman in the fall; Summer is a rising junior.

Abbie Gould, Co-editor-in-chief

   College marks a time for new beginnings, and for most, leaving behind family and friends.

  However in rare occasions, family members may be at the college already.

  This is the case for the Holt family.

  Summer, a sophomore at Granite Bay High School and her older brother Brennan, senior, are both planning to attend Texas Christian University.

  Summer verbally committed to play soccer there only a week after her brother decided to attend the college for academics.

  “I was initially really excited when  we both made the decision to go to TCU,” Brennan said. “ I officially decided about a week before her, but I had a gut feeling that she would end up there too, so it was pretty cool when she finally committed to be able to think about going to the same school.”

  Summer says she is excited as well to spend two more years with her brother in college.

  “We have a very tight friendship but obviously have never experienced that chapter of our lives,” Summer said. “There’s a lot of unknown to come, but I know I’m going to enjoy every minute of it with him.”

  Both Holts’ chose TCU for similar reasons – a strong academic and athletic program.

  “I chose TCU because it felt like home,” Summer said. “I completely fell in love with the kindness on and around campus and with the overwhelming school spirit.”

  Their family is happy for them as well.

  “My initial reaction to Brennan and Summer both deciding on TCU was shock,” said Deidre Holt, Brennan and Summer’s mom. “I am excited for them to be at TCU together, but also glad that the two year separation will give them both opportunity to grow as individuals.”


I chose TCU because it felt like home. I completely fell in love with the kindness on and around campus and with the overwhelming school spirit.”

— Summer Holt

Although they are siblings going to the same school, it is important to remember that they are different.

 “While it’s wonderful to have them at the same college, it’s super important for them to have their own experiences and growth,” Deidre said.

  With two children at the same college, it makes it easier for the family to visit.

  “Our plans for when they both are at TCU is to get to see them as often as we can, without overdoing it,” Deidre said.  

  Even though it is a rare situation, Brennan and Summer say they are ready to be at college together.

 “I ‘m not worried about being with my brother because we have a very healthy and balanced relationship,” Summer said. “I think we’ll do a good job of spending time with each other, but also living our own lives.”