Several students join bands on campus


Special to TEEMANT

The band “Rhondaandtherest” plays at Fig Tree Coffee Art and Music Lounge in Downtown Roseville.

   Everyone knows about Granite Bay High School’s Emerald Brigade, but have students heard about Dream Pool, Nanday Lane, Rhondaandtherest, and more? 

   Several students at GBHS are very musically-inclined and bands are the perfect way for them to express their talents.

   “As a musician, I think everybody wants the opportunity to be in a band,” said Charlotte Teemant, a sophomore at GBHS.

   Charlotte and her band, “Rhondandtherest”, enjoy working together as it gives them the chance to be themselves and have a group of people who will be there for each other. 

   “Being in high school and being in a band – the best parts about it are being with two like-minded people who think musically, a lot like I do, so our creative visions really get along and we can do a lot when we’re together,” said Jake Russell, a junior at GBHS who plays drums for Rhondandtherest. 

   Not only that, but being in a band is the perfect way for students to set aside time to hang out with their friends and destress, despite their busy schedules. 

   “I love music and I love my friends and they love music too – so boom – a band was born,” said Sofia Arias, a senior at GBHS, who’s part of the band “Dreampool” with Olivia Thompson and Keaton Brasse. 

   Both bands participated in this years Concert in the Quad, just like many other student bands.

    Both bands typically don’t perform in front of crowds all the time, however they have played at certain venues, such as Rhondandtherest opening for Charlotte Teemant’s sister at a cafe. 

      Clearly, being in a band has many benefits as the students are learning to be more independent and learn how to do what they love while also working with other people.

   “I think one of the really good things about being in a band, especially with other people, is that you have to figure out how to collaborate and work and you’re working on one common purpose and not everyone thinks the same way,” said Susanna Peeples, a music teacher at GBHS.

   Working with others can be a challenge, but it can also be a blessing as music can bond people in a way that they begin to give their band members insight into their lives and place trust in one another. 

   Sophomore Mia Peraltas is also a part of the band Rhondaandtherest. “There are so many great things but one of the biggest things for me is the sense of accomplishment that you get to experience with the rest of your band mates,” Peraltas said.

   Despite their love of music and how much they enjoy being in a band, the students are not quite sure whether or not they will continue with their bands after high school and pursue it as a career. 

“I don’t know where life will take our band,” Sofia Arias said, “but it will never be forgotten.”