Real vs. fake trees

GBHS students debate the pros and cons of real and fake trees


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A Christmas tree bringing the spirit of the holidays into a family’s home

  The question that always pops up around Christmas time  ethically is – what is the better option real, or artificial trees?

  Fake trees are a good because no one has to kill a living thing for people to decorate and put presents under.

  However, mass producing fake Christmas trees is still not that much better.

  All of the plastic that is being used for Christmas trees eventually ends up in the oceans. Stores like Walmart and Target are charging for plastic bags while simultaneously selling huge, fake, plastic trees.

  “I think that fake Christmas trees are a better choice because they save trees and they are reusable,  junior Scaasi Guidera said.

   Christmas trees aren’t just about decorations and presents. There are many traditions revolving the Christmas tree.

   “My family and I always decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music”  junior Olivia Teemant said.

  Many families use the time they go together to pick out the Christmas tree as family bonding time.

  “My family and I love decorating our tree together, we have a fake tree right now, and it still feeling like Christmas because we get the time together putting on ornaments” junior Carly Burgess said.

  Real trees are a good option because it brings the smell of Christmas Time into the home.

   Living trees also drop needles all over the floor and are a pain to clean up.

  “I am really happy that my family finally bought a fake tree. Normally, my sister and I have to vacuum the floor where the tree was, because of all of the loose needles.” said Guidera, “Also, I think fake trees are way better for the environment.”

  People use fake trees because of the environmental benefits, but also because it is way easier to deal with. Instead of going out and picking out a tree, bringing it home, and trying to get it to stay straight on the stand, people can just pull the artificial tree out of the box and it is already the perfect height.

    Many families think that Christmas isn’t the same without a real tree because of many reasons and traditions.

  “My family and I always go and pick out a tree, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas without that tradition,” junior Alex Nash said,  “Also, I love the Christmas tree smell when it fills our house.”

My family and I always go and pick out a tree, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas without that tradition

— Alex Nash

  Fake trees and real trees are really different.

  Many people think that real trees are worse for the environment because there are so many trees that are killed every year.

    According to to Los Angeles Times real trees that are thrown away have about a six year period of time before they are completely decomposed.

  Christmas tree farms are really helpful because they make it easier to buy real trees without harming the environment as much. But, when people cut down their own, it is really hard for the animals that are already living there to adapt.

  While on the other hand, fake trees save the wood because people use the same tree every year.

  But, they are an investment in the beginning. Fake trees range anywhere from $150 to $300, while real trees are anywhere as low as $20.

  “I love the Christmastime and my fake tree!” said Guidera.

  The debate whether artificial or living trees are a better option will continue on for next Christmas.