Public and environmental health issues

Public and environmental health issues

  Science and history concur that in the beginning, the universe – with all of its irreplaceable laws and inner workings – was not created by man.

  However, some innovators yielding influence today believe they can redefine and alter laws that have allowed the world to remain in relative order and functionality.

  These people have gone from manipulating historic and scientific evidence to generating faulty theories about our origin or morality to imposing these on impressionable students.

  They then dictate speech and writing to be set in accordance with said ideas.

  We can observe this phenomenon in the state of California with the inclusion of LGBT rights history in the public school curriculum following the rejection of a proposition in line with the natural law and common sense.

  This seizure of power exclusive to God is not only exhibited in liberals’ militant approval of personal behavior long considered abominable under the laws of God, man, and nature, but also in their attempts to make irreversible changes to the environment at large.

  Among such heinous violations of natural law, the development of biotechnology is one which concern  true conservatives.

  The principle which modern genetic engineering is based on consists of misplaced human presumption, as in it, the Creation- every aspect of the earth as it was created- is deemed imperfect and subject to betterment by humans.

  This ungodly form of genetic engineering not only is fundamentally different from traditional breeding, as the mutations made in the organism’s DNA are made with a gene from a radically different species, but also presents a severe risk to public and environmental health.

   These mutations can create proteins that can trigger allergies and diseases. Though there has been no long-term testing of the effects of consuming genetically modified foods, some studies on mice show that this toxin can generate powerful immune responses, cause liver problems, and damage intestines.

  For example, The Scandinavian Journal of Immunology reported that one of the toxins induced by the insertion of Bacillus thuringiensis (the bacterium whose genes are inserted in Bt crops) is a potent systemic and mucosal adjuvant while the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research published a study noting that the same protein induces systemic and mucosal antibody responses in mice.

  Others suggest that consuming genetically modified food can be added to the long list of contributors to the outbreak of cancer- which they say includes microwave and cell phone radiation, pesticides and hormone-treated cow milk.

  The aggressive money-making tactics allegedly used by some biotechnology companies leading to much stress in agricultural communities has been the source of rightful controversy. In the Indian Republic, for example, farmer suicide rates skyrocketed after the adoption of commercial Bt cotton.

  Despite a lack of health studies, genetically modified Arctic apples are beginning to be sold in hundreds of retail stores in the United States.

  The environmental threat of cultivating GM crops and raising GM animals rests in the inevitable risk of them spreading unnatural traits into the surrounding environment.

  Genetic engineering also presents a grave threat to our God-given liberties.

  Last year, a laboratory at UC Irvine created hundreds of mosquitoes genetically altered to make them unable to spread the malaria parasite to human hosts. However, this development is not unprecedented.

  A group of Japanese researchers had previously developed a mosquito that spreads a vaccine instead of disease, which though apparently beneficial, in the end would entail the widespread consumption of drugs without consent as the dangers of conventional vaccinations have been a subject of intense debate.

  Biotechnology is not their only method of misusing science, however.  

  A number of people believe that atmospheric contrails, artificial clouds of condensated aircraft exhaust fumes are being used for the purpose of countering the effects of climate change.

  The Guardian reported that plans to spray geoengineering chemicals including stratospheric sulfate aerosols have been advanced by supporters of the practice that have gained influence with the Trump administration, which some have also criticized for neglecting important environmental issues including so-called climate change.

  While there is no complete scientific consensus about the theory of climate change- which some have suggested is part of a plan for world government and population control, the consequences of introducing unnatural chemicals into the fragile ecosystems of the planet are undeniably adverse.

  With the aid of corporate and political interests, people have been misled not only about political maneuvers, but also about the effects of lead pollution and DDT.

  We must not let a particular political orientation hijack the issue of the environment and neglect the modern implications of traditional beliefs about the Creation.

  Thus, we should have not only an appreciation for our God-given rights but also an opposition to unnatural human behavior which threatens the order and stability of the world.