Photo Story: What are GBHS clubs up to?

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  • Members of BSU discuss new quotes to put on the BSU t-shirts. “BSU is an education experience to learn about Black history…and the accomplishments of Black lives right now,” said co-president Eniola Okon. They also do fun activities like movie parties, water balloon fights and play games. Members of the club encourage Black students and allies to attend their meetings. “This club isn’t just for Black people. It is for everyone. It’s a…private space to just say what’s on your mind,” said Okon.

  • BSU members write down what Black History Month means to them on flashcards that are put around the campus. “When going to a place like BSU, I’m able to be open about my ideas and be comfortable talking about struggles about being a Black women…and meet a bunch of allies,” sophomore Siahmo Newsome said.

  • Co-presidents Sarah Alami and Sarah Yee present their slideshow for their first meeting. Alami and Yee started The Medical Olympiad Club for students who are interested in pursuing a healthcare career in the future. “There are individual and team opportunities (that) will give students opportunities to win awards (in competitions),” Alami said.

  • The two presidents plan on preparing for competitions like the Biology Battle and the International Medicine Olympiad. During their meetings, they will prepare members for competitions as well as invite guest speakers from the medical field. Junior Swara Karke, a member of the Medical Olympiad Club, has wanted to be a doctor since she was very young. “I hope to compete in the competitions offered here…(and) gain more resources to aid my pre-med journey,” Karke said.

  • UNITE! members sort out donations from their donation drive to make into kits. President Soraya Johnson founded the charity club, UNITE!,”a teen run charity organization based on collecting toiletries and essential items for kits to help homeless women in need in Sacramento,” said Johnson. The club plans to have another donation drive in March where GBHS students can donate any essential items needed.

  • UNITE! club accepted donations at their booth at the GBHS Car Show. “I like the organization process and how I am helping people in our community,” UNITE! member, sophomore Jennifer Li said.

  • Earth First members complete their service event. They sorted the material from the recycling bins and then took them to a local recycling center. Senior Simran Lallian started this club in efforts to “raise awareness about different environmental issues”.

  • The Earth First club has recently taken on the challenge of food waste by trying to provide awareness to the situation through flyers around school. “We have been noticing around campus, especially with the free school provided, people are throwing away most of their food.” Lallian said. “We just want to make people…aware of their decisions in terms of food wastage.” In the future, the club hopes to work beyond the GBHS community with a lake clean up and more food waste campaigns.

  • Co-presidents Olivia Kurani and Elizabeth Rogers run the Superposition club at GBHS. “Superposition is a speaker series. We invite women from different STEM fields to come in and speak with us,” Kurani said. In other meetings, the club discusses different opportunities for women in STEM, summer programs, as well as prepare questions for the guest speakers. Freshman Malie Zeng joined the club because she was looking for direction and liked what the club had to offer. “This club…allows us to be productive (while) interviewing STEM field professionals but also provides us with the freedom and opportunity to just let go and have fun,” said Zeng.

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