Photo Story: Walk in the shoes of a GBHS student

Get a feel for the unique footwear of GBHS’ many students.

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  • Sophomore Joaquin Ralph sporting his worn army green Converse Axles; These shoes feature a classic Converse appearance combined with a more laid-back style, promoting comfort and aesthetic. “It gives me nostalgia and mainly comfort,” said Ralph, “I’ve been wearing…the same style and brand for the past five years or so.”

  • Sophomore Kim Song in her beloved green Nike Blazer Mid ‘77s. These shoes combine a series of popular features established since the 70s, such as their exposed foam tongues, sleek hi-top look and smooth midsole, resulting in a retro, yet premium look. “The structure of the shoe just kind of fits with anything you wear…they’re also just really trendy,” said Song, “I was crazy about them for…months.”

  • Senior Kira Allen’s classic white Crocs, worn on Granite Bay’s Pajama Day. These iconic and timeless foam clogs are perfect for a day of kicking back and relaxing, made of closed-cell resin, a material that allows for maximum comfort and durability. “They are…my go to on pajama day or other days when I want to wear socks,” said Allen, “They are very comfortable.”

  • Senior Julietta Golovey sporting her hot pink Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31s. Practically made for running, these shoes have the perfect shape for any running form, and have a high quality mesh in its upper half, resulting in great protection and durability. “I don’t have to worry about…damaging them, they’re very durable,” said Golovey, “It stands out of all the shoes.”

  • Junior Hayden Fulmer’s red Van EXPs after running a mile in PE. A mixture of old-school Vans style and the newer “sneaker” style, these shoes are a perfect combination of a nostalgic and popular appearance. Made of suede and canvas on the upper half and with lightweight rubber sole, they are perfect for an adventure where the terrain is bound to get rough, while still prioritizing comfort. “I always wear sports shoes, but I recently started getting into Vans more. so I…got the hybrid sports version,” said Fulmer.

  • Sophomore Mika Golden in their cozy suede Earth Spirit Moccasins — a footwear that just looks nothing less than comfortable. Lined with soft faux fur and supported with high quality stitching, these moccasins are perfect for Pajama Day, or for a day of rest and relaxation. “They make me look like a father figure, which I think is really funny,” said Golden.

  • Freshman Perleen Deol’s jet black Converse Sharksole ‘70s Oxes. These screamo-appearing shoes’ matte-black looks go well with nearly any outfit; combined with their tough appearance and snug fit, these shoes are bound to draw some eyes. “It makes me feel tall, they’re definitely ‘emo’ shoes,” Deol said.

  • Sophomore Chloe Jorden in the quad sporting her classic Mini Bailey Bow II UGGs. The well-known brand UGGs, famous for their high quality boots, make no exception here when it comes to quality comfort; the boots are made of real sheepskin and have durable, lightweight soles, making for a perfectly versatile boot. “They make me look comfy,” said Jorden, “Other people will see that I look comfy, and they’ll want to feel comfy.”

  • Senior Paige Rust’s Fila Disruptor II Premiums. These shoes are a blast back to the 90s, sticking to the nostalgic, bulky looking frame. They are designed for supreme style, while keeping extreme comfort. “I love the chunky shoe look, which is why these are so thick,” said Rust, “I mean, just kind of like they go with any outfit.”

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