Outside the box jobs: Escape rooms

Senior Ransom Allen gives some insight on the odd job of working an escape room

For many high school students, a big concern is finding a job and finally gaining a semblance of financial independence and feeling more responsible.

There’s a multitude of jobs for students to look at, whether it be in retail or in the food industry, however a job many might not consider is working at an escape room.

Escape rooms were created in 2007 and then popularized in the 2010’s. They can be great activities if you just want to have fun or even for coworker team building for employees.

“My workplace is Beat the Room,” said Ransom Allen, a senior at Granite Bay high. “I help run, clean and reset rooms along with answering phone calls every now and then.”

Beat the Room is an escape room in Rocklin with seven different room options to choose from varying in both difficulty and theme. Rooms can be themed from Christmas to Sherlock Holmes to cults and even abandoned mines. Rooms can be solved by two to eight participants.

“Our days are dependent on the rooms people have rented for the day,” Allen said. “Some days myself and coworkers do some small talk before our first room arrives. Other days I start watching a room when I clock in.”

Working there is similar to reading the last chapter of a book… You know the secrets and it’s fun leading people down the right path and (watching) how they get excited.

— Ransom Allen

The escape room environment does look a bit different due to COVID regulations as customers need to be scanned with a temperature gun as well as wear masks, however after that it’s normal with the employees explaining the rules and backstory to the participants.

“Win or lose they… leave and we take the next 20 minutes to clean and reset the room for the next group.” Allen said.

Although COVID is prevalent, it won’t stop the patrons as well as the employees from having fun with the rooms.

“Working there is similar to reading the last chapter of a book,” Allen said. “You know the secrets and it’s fun leading people down the right path and (watching) how they get excited.”

But, like any other job, it can’t be all fun and games.

“Cons come with cleaning rooms,” Allen said. “Or when there is nothing to do for hours you’ll get bored. When no one is looking I’ll doodle on sticky notes or have small talk, but there’s something for everyone and when customers finally come in then we can get to business.”

Despite the responsibility necessary for maintaining a job, it can be entertaining once the ball starts rolling.

“I recommend if you like secrets and watching how people’s minds work.” Allen said.

Overall, Beat the Room is a great job for those who appreciate games and mysteries.