Opinions spark as new leadership takes office

Community members reflect on Joe Biden’s first actions as president


Aaron Kittredge/Pexels

On January 20, 2021, President Biden took office and began carrying out different actions in just the first few weeks of his presidency.

This past fall, the United States had one of the most anticipated presidential elections ever. It was a close race as former Vice President Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump in the race to presidency. This new leadership taking office has raised diverse opinions and perspectives throughout the community.

Kelly Hoskins, a parent of a student at Granite Bay High School, disagrees with a lot of what the president has done thus far. 

In President Biden’s first days in office, he lifted Executive Order 13780, which banned people from seven middle eastern countries from immigrating or traveling to the United States.

“It is irresponsible to let more people into the country with the times we are in,” Hoshkins said. 

Hoskins also shared her views on minimum wage. 

“We do need to raise the minimum wage but it is different throughout the country. $15.00 is different in California and New York than it is in Idaho,” Hoskins said.

On the other hand, Toni Fisher, a community member, thinks we are going back to a more traditional president. 

Fisher shared her thoughts in regards to the recent lifting of the travel ban and President Biden wanting to reverse former President Trump’s immigration policies such as the US-Mexico border. 

America has always been about including people and closing the borders completely was not right.

— Toni Fisher

“America has always been about including people and closing the borders completely was not right,” Fisher said.

Fisher did agree with Hoskins about the new minimum wage policies by saying that it is different throughout the country.

Ria Nolan, a freshman at GBHS, used a letter grade to describe the past and current presidents.

“I imagine the two as a grade: Biden being a C and Trump being an F,” said Nolan.

Nolan agrees with Biden’s decision to lift the travel ban, in particular.

   “The ban was just religious discrimination,” Nolan said, “…and (President) Biden redacting this law is just one of many things he will help (the country) during his time.”